Watch Dogs Legion Ubisoft Forward - What did we learn?

Watch Dogs Legion looks absolutely incredible, but if you missed the Ubisoft Forward event, here's everything we learnt so far.


Watchdogs Legions tells the story of ordinary heros, settings aside their differences and coming together to fight the injustice in London!

You can recruit anyone in the world, and they become part of your team and story. That means that your story is completely unique to you!

You go up against a private security organisation that has now taken over the city, and the criminal underground.

Your job is to build a resistance and take back London.

Mission Walkthrough

We got to see a mission walkthrough in Ubisoft Forward, and it was pretty epic.

Each person has their own special abilities. We got a look at what happens when you play one of the builders you recruit.

He can use his tools to cause havoc, and we got to see both a nail-gun and wrench be used in a gruesome, and effective manner.

You can go about the mission in loads of different ways, including recruiting an agent from the enemy themselves, as you go under-cover and pick up intel.

Watchdogs Legion 3
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THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: Each character has different abilities, so choose wisely!

John Wick Inspired Action

One big highlight was the 'John Wick' action scene, where you get to play a recruited 'hitman'.

They even used the same music in the film, to show the character pulling off some seriously awesome Gun-Fu.

We can't wait to go to town with this character.

Watchdogs Legion 4
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JOHN WICK? This character was absolutely awesome

There is still so much to discover from the title. Another highlight of the preview was just how well the game captured London.

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Xbox Series X

Watch Dogs Legion will support Smart Delivery, and will take advantage of ray tracing also.

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