Valorant: Wasteland Skin Set Leaked - All Skins, Price, Release Date, and More!

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Valorant has been a rampant success since it was fully released at the beginning of this past Summer.

Now, the game has just released a brand new Agent and Riot looks to continue providing ample support for the title.

Valorant recently released a brand new update, and of course, data miners were all over the game files.

They have discovered some brand new skins; that will be coming to the store as apart of a collection soon.

Here's all we know!

Wasteland Skins

The new skin set has been touted as the Wasteland Skin Collection and gives off a very rustic feel.

Almost like something you would find from the Borderlands franchise!

The skin bundle was further showcased by ValorLeaks, who posted a full Twitter video with all the skins.

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The new bundle will have skins for the following weapons:

  • Vandal
  • Marshall
  • Spectre
  • Shorty
  • Sheriff

There is no knife skin for this bundle however, which is usually the skin players are most excited for.

Perhaps this will bring the price down for players however!

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Check out all the images of the leaked skin collection, with image credits to ValorLeaks.

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As of now, we do not know a full price for the Wasteland skin bundle.

Since it does not feature a knife, we can assume the price will be drastically lower than previous bundles.

Release Date

A brand new skin bundle has just released into the item shop, so we can assume this one may release as soon as the current one leaves the shop.

Keep your eyes peeled for an official release date!

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