PLAION & Steel City Interactive join forces for Undisputed boxing game

There hasn't been a top-tier boxing game for over a decade now and fighting fans can't wait for the release of Undisputed, formerly known as eSports Boxing Club.

PLAION UK has just announced a new partnership with Steel City Interactive as they have joined forces to bring the boxing title to life.

Undisputed will aim to provide fans with the most authentic boxing game we have seen with more licensed boxers than ever before.

PLAION x Steel City Interactive

It's official - PLAION UK has now partnered with Steel City Interactive ahead of the release of the hotly anticipated boxing game, Undisputed.

PLAION is a leading independent developer and producer of games and entertainment products, with 10 development studios and five publishing units based all over the world.

Steel City Interactive responded to PLAION's announcement post above with the following message:

"We are delighted to partner with @PLAION to publish Undisputed and bring boxing back to gaming."

It's widely understood that PLAION has vast funding behind them so this could potentially take Undisputed to the next level.

However, with no official release date set in stone, this news could mean we will be waiting a while before we get our hands on the full version of the game.

ESBC to Undisputed

As most of you probably already know, eSports Boxing Club was officially renamed Undisputed back in September.

Steel City Interactive provided the following statement alongside the announcement:

"That’s right, we’ve changed the name of our game. The name eSports Boxing Club has probably been the only constant throughout the development journey of the game, and it’s the name hundreds of thousands of you have grown familiar with."
"The game and the studio have developed and changed over the past two and a half years from a fun side project started by three brothers eager for a new boxing game to a truly authentic boxing game with the likes of Canelo, Fury, and Ali on the roster and a team of 30+ people working to deliver it. We think now is the right time to reflect that with the changing of the name."

The name change was received well by fans, as it seemed to be met with mostly positive feedback judging by the comments on the YouTube announcement video.

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