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The full release of Steel City Interactive's hotly anticipated new boxing game, Undisputed is edging closer, with early access now available for Steam users.

Boxing fans can't wait to see what's in store for Undisputed and get to grips with the new game.

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So, find out exactly how the gameplay will work below, with an in-depth breakdown of both the offensive and defensive sides of the game.

Game Modes

Several game modes are playable in the Undisputed boxing game.

Players can create a boxer of their own in a Career / Story Mode.

You will have the chance to progress your pro and climb the ranks until you get your shot at a title bout.

During the latest roundtable session, the developers also revealed that you might be able to play as "Prime or Comeback" boxers.

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IT'S TIME - Step into the ring now

We aren't sure exactly what this means just yet, but perhaps this could be a hint towards another, separate game mode involving legends of the game.

We expect Steel City to release a full list of game modes available in Undisputed soon.

We will update this page with more information once it is confirmed.


Directional punching allows you to strike whilst simultaneously moving your fighter to the desired location.

This effectively gives you the ability to control where your fighter is in the ring whilst making your opponent pay for being overly aggressive.

Your fighter can mix up their shots by punching the head and also the body.

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MAKE HIM PAY - Punish your opponent with directional punches

Mixing up your attacks with high and low punch combos will keep your opponent on their toes!

You can add some sting to your punches by making them a 'power punch'.

Power punches will deal more damage to your opponent but they will be slower to throw, making you more vulnerable to a counter.


Your basic defence is broken up into three mechanics; weave, slipping and blocking.

Weaving is moving your upper body and head with full 360 control as a way of avoiding punches.

You are able to weave in any direction and you can hold and adjust your position without leaving the weave.

Using the weave will open up counter-shot opportunities from any position.

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HIT AND DON'T GET HIT - Defence is the key to boxing

Slipping is quickly moving your body and head to avoid a punch. Slips work very well for punches that you see coming at the last second and are a great way to negate a fast attack.

With slips, you can move out of the way immediately and return fire with deadly results. However, this does drain your stamina rapidly.

When all else fails on defence, you are going to need to block!

Blocking will protect your fighter from punches without having to react too aggressively to your opponent's offence.

This makes it a massively useful tool when trying to get on the inside or escape the inside whilst protecting yourself at all times.

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