Undisputed Boxing Game Roundtable discusses Beta Weekend

We believe that we're nearing the official launch of the Undisputed Boxing Game after the conclusion of the beta.

The latest Roundtable revealed what a few of the developers actually think about how the beta went.

Let's take a look at that and a few other items of news.

Undisputed Boxing Game Roundtable

The first bit of information revealed during the roundtable was that over 17k people were able to join the Undisputed Boxing Game beta.

Over one million rounds were played during the closed beta with 141k fights being played during the same time.

Here's the full video:

The group went on to reveal some of the problems that they had during the beta and what they hope to clean up before the official release of the Undisputed Boxing Game.

We're expecting more Developer Roundtables in the future as we near December. Depending on all of the things they'll need to fix, the release date could be pushed back.

Damage Tuning in Undisputed Boxing Game

Another topic of conversation during the roundtable was the damage tuning that they did because they felt it was too low.

They stated they'll continue to make adjustments and listen to the community going forward to make more adjustments.

You can expect the flash knockouts to come back once Undisputed Boxing Game is actually released.

Latest News from Undisputed

One of the most recent announcements was the reveal of who will be the referee in the Undisputed Boxing Game.

Kenny Bayless, one of the most legendary referees in boxing history will be the official referee and his character model can be found below.

Undisputed Boxing Game
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KENNY BAYLESS: Bayless will join you in the boxing ring this weekend.

We're not sure if there will be any other referees added to the Undisputed Boxing Game but there very well could be.

Now that we've taken a look at the latest addition to the roster, let's go over a few of the controls for the game.

Undisputed Boxing Game Controls

The great part about the beta being released for the Undisputed Boxing Game is that we finally got a look at the controls for the game.

Along with the basic set up of punches and blocks, we also got a look at a few of the variations available for boxers.

Undisputed Boxing Game
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CONTROLS: Get accustomed to the new Undisputed controls.

Here's a basic breakdown of the controls but if you're looking for more specific controls, we went over the combinations as well:

  • Weave - LT
  • Body Punch Modifier - LB
  • Movement - Left Stick
  • Loose Movement - Directional Pad
  • Full Punch Control - Right Stick
  • Left Hook - A
  • Jab - X
  • Right Hook - B
  • Straight - Y
  • Power Punch - RB
  • Block - RT

To check out our full control guide so you can get ready to take over the Undisputed Boxing Game, follow this link.

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