Undisputed Boxing Game Beta Schedule and Details

Players that were looking to sign up for the Undisputed Boxing Game beta will have another chance to do so this week.

We've got the schedule, the platform that the beta will take place on and how you can sign up.

The last time it launched the game was a huge hit, here's what you need to know.

Undisputed Boxing Game Beta Announcement

The reveal that the Undisputed Boxing Game is having another round of beta is pretty good because it means that there is likely an official release date coming.

Although it hasn't been revealed, many believe the game will be released in early January and the closed beta should help with the launch.

Undisputed Boxing Game
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SECOND BETA: You'll likely see Kenny Bayless refereeing matches this time.

Sign-ups are already underway and you can register through your Steam account. Unfortunately, this Undisputed Boxing Game beta is only for PC.

We're not exactly sure why it's not coming to consoles but Steel City Interactive, the developer of the game, has stated they want to focus on PC first.

Schedule for Undisputed Beta

The first day of the Undisputed Boxing Game beta will begin on December 9, 2022, and we'd suggest signing up right now so you have a better chance.

The closed beta will last for three days and will run at various times so you'll need to keep an eye on it.

Undisputed Boxing Game
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CLOSED BETA SCHEDULE: Here are the times you'll be able to play the beta.

The Undisputed Boxing Game beta will last until December 11, giving you a lot of time to check out the game.

Here's the current schedule:

  • December 9 - 11:
    • UK (GMT) - 8PM to 11PM
    • East Coast USA (ET) - 3PM to 6PM
    • Eastern Australia (AEDT) - 5AM to 8AM

You'll receive three hours and be able to play through the multiplayer game mode, taking on opponents throughout the world.

Undisputed Boxing Beta Boxers

We've also received the full list of boxers that will make their way into the game during the Undisputed Boxing beta.

A few legends will be available, including Roy Jones Jr., but he's not the only one worth taking the ring with on December 9.

Undisputed Boxing Game beta
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BETA BOXERS: Check out all of the boxers you can take the ring as.

Rocky Marciano, another legend, will make his way to the ring during the Undisputed Boxing Game beta as well, giving you another legend to fight with.

Here's the full list of boxers:

  • Katie Taylor
  • Chantelle Cameron
  • Jessica McCaskill
  • Oleksandr Usyk
  • Deontay Wilder
  • Rockey Marciano
  • Nigel Benn
  • Roy Jones Jr.

This gives you a pretty sizeable selection of boxers to choose from so don't forget to sign up for the upcoming beta.

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