Twitch is DOWN - Chat, Followed Channels, View Count, Server Status, Updates has gone down once again for thousands of users,

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PANIC BUTTON: Having Discord problems? You aren't alone.

While many users can get through to livestreams now, is down for thousands of users with massive server issues. We expect these issues relate to authentication as it seems most streams aren't directly effected.

Users have reported not being able to see followed channels, open chat, see view counts, or use Twitch inspector.

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SAY IT AINT SO: Twitch is once again experiencing issues

Twitch haven't responded to the issues publicly just yet, but we expect the team is certainly on the case.

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This isn't the first time Twitch has had massive issues in the last few days, but it is the first of the new year.

As this is a breaking story, we will update here with news as it comes.

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