Topps Total Football: How to sell cards

We all loved collecting and trading our favourite sports cards when we were young and now that affection can continue with the arrival of Topps Total Football.

A brand new trading card game that sees you pit your deck against opponents online, Topps Total Football is a totally unique handheld experience.

Check below for everything you need to know about selling cards on Topps Total Football.

How to sell cards in Topps Total Football

Selling cards in Topps Total Football is a simple way to increase your team's finances and clear your decks of unwanted players.

In order to sell players, you do need to assign them to your transfer list via your deck.

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TRADE TO THE TOP - Card collecting has never been better

Once your player has been assigned to your transfer list, you can sell them via the marketplace, deciding on the price and length of the auction.

Selling players on Topps is super simple and will allow to majorly improve your team.

What is Topps Total Football?

Total Football is a trading card game designed to capture the excitement and strategy of the best club competitions in football.

Offering you the chance to build a deck from players currently operating in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League, Topps Football has a host of top names waiting to join your side.

As well as being exciting for those that enjoy card collecting, this game is built with tactics in mind, with key abilities, energy levels and card types all being a part of the overall experience.

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