The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay & More

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Announced at The Game Awards last December, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is finally on the way. From the creators of the Friday the 13th game - this aims to provide the best multiplayer horror experience. Here's what we know so far.

LATEST - Gameplay Before Preorder

Wes Keltner, the CEO / Game Designer / Audio and Art Director of Fear The Gun stated that preorders will not go live before we see some actual gameplay.

This signals a certain strength in the product itself - a great sign.

Gameplay detailed

Apparently, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is set to be a 3v4 online multiplayer game. There will be 3 killers and 4 survivors in each match. Developers Gun revealed this in an update on the game posted on Valentine's Day.

They believe the 3v4 aspect is unique and just like the Friday the 13th game, reflects the movie and source material better. This is because, in the Texas Chainsaw films, Leatherface's family also play a role in capturing and harming innocent teens.

Kane Hodder Confirmed as Leatherface

While being a name that is synonymous with a different horror icon, Kane Hodder has been confirmed as providing the motion capture for Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game thanks to an exclusive reveal from FANGORIA. Hodder did don the Leatherface mask for the third film in the franchise for certain stunts.

He is no stranger to motion capture either as he was also the man behind Jason in the Friday the 13th game, also developed by Gun. Hodder is of course best known for his portrayal of Jason Vorhees in four different movies.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Release Date

There is no release date, window or year given a the time of writing. There is quiet speculation that the game could be set to try and release at a similar time to the new Nexflix reboot of the film series. This releases in mid-February 2022.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

The short one-minute trailer for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that we got at The Game Awards has a very clear purpose. From the opening shots through to about halfway into the trailer, many people would have been unclear and what exactly they were looking at.

In the later shots, horror fans were probably screaming at their screens as they began to recognize certain landmarks. It became clear that we were being taken on a tour through the twisted Sawyer household. As we move into the closing scene, we are introduced to a victim hanging upside down and a chainsaw emerges from the shadows.

What kind of game is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

While it's hard to say for certain, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre looks set to be an asymetric multiplayer online game. If you've played the Friday the 13th game or Dead by Daylight, then expect it to follow this format.

Leatherface texas chainsaw dead by daylight
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Leatherface has been in Dead by Daylight for some time now

If we go by just the trailer alone, we would anticipate a 1v4 scenario where the survivors must escape the Sawyer house/complex while a lone Leatherface player attempts to eliminate or capture them all.

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