The Quarry: New horror game coming from Until Dawn dev team

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Creators of the popular horror video games, Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology series, Supermassive Games have announced yet another horror title, The Quarry.

Following the trend of the developers releasing something new annually since 2015, The Quarry will release this Summer and will be published by 2K.

With that in mind, here are all the details we know so far including release and reveal details, the small clip the developers showed off, as well as information on the development team and their past games.

The Quarry Release Date

According to a Tweet from Supermassive Games in which they announced The Quarry, the game can be expected to release this Summer.

Specific details are yet to be revealed but once new information is out we'll update accordingly.

The Quarry Reveal Trailer

An official reveal for The Quarry is scheduled for Thursday, March 17 at 12pm ET.

Fans can visit the official The Quarry game website in which they will be greeted by a countdown for the official reveal. Once the countdown reaches zero, we expect a new trailer and more information about the game to be announced.

For the countdown visit here.

First Look

Apart from providing a bit of information on The Quarry such as a reveal date, Supermassive Games showcased a fifty-second tidbit on what to expect from the game.

The trailer started with a shot of a full moon that slowly panned down into a forested area filled with fog. Within that area, multiple cars appear with one of them being a police car before another slow pan of the camera goes onto the back of a man wearing a police uniform that seems to be breathing heavy. It all ends with an 80s slasher-like movie logo.

Supermassive Games is ready to take over with another new horror title

With games such as Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology series, Supermassive Games are known to be masters of the horror video game genre. Although it's presented as an "all-new horror experience," it's safe to say that the same type of feel and experience can be expected for The Quarry, especially with Until Dawn's success in the past.

Until Dawn is an interactive video drama horror video game, a type of game that Supermassive Games is known to pull off well, that has players assume control of eight young adults whose mission is to survive on Blackwood Mountain.

Supermassive Games managed to make sure that choices and consequences within the game are felt at the deepest level and that every absurd horror trope is touched upon.

With The Quarry, we can only expect more of the same of this quality and style of game.

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