The Callisto Protocol COUNTDOWN - release time, pre-orders, season pass & more

The Callisto Protocol is one of the most exciting horror games to release in a while

The Callisto Protocol is one of the most exciting horror games to release in a while

The age of survival horror is upon us once more as The Callisto Protocol kicks off a stretch of months defined by their major releases in a genre that hasn't had the spotlight in quite some time.

The spiritual successor to creator Glen Schofield's popular Dead Space series of games (the first of which is also getting a remake), The Callisto protocol takes place on Jupiter's moon of Callisto in a prison, where unspeakable horrors have taken over.

Despite some of the unusual facts that have come to light about this upcoming game such as its potential links to PUBG, it remains one of the most anticipated titles to finish up the year 2022.

Here's all the essential information.

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The Callisto Protocol Release Time

The Callisto Protocol looks like it will be a masterpiece in atmosphere
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The Callisto Protocol Releases

The horrors of The Callisto Protocol will be available starting Friday, 2nd December 2022 and will be a cross-gen title with releases on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. There are currently no confirmed plans for a release on the Nintendo Switch.

Bad news for Japanese players too as the game has officially been cancelled in that region, with developers Striking Distance Studios clashing with the Japanese ratings board over a large amount of gore. This means that the only way to experience the game in Japan is via a VPN or importing it from elsewhere.

Pre-Orders & Bonuses

There are two different versions of The Callisto Protocol available to pre-order.
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The Callisto Protocol has two versions available to pre-order as of writing with the standard and deluxe editions giving slightly different benefits to each other.

The only key difference between the two is that the digital deluxe edition of the game comes paired with its season pass of DLCs which will give players more content to enjoy the horrors with.

The Callisto Protocol Season Pass

Want more content out of your horror experience? Get the season pass.
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For those that want to go the extra mile with their survival horror experience, the digital deluxe edition also includes access to the season pass for The Callisto Protocol, letting players get more content.

The content included in the season pass includes:

Outer Way Skin Collection: Bear the armor of the Outer Way, an underground insurgency pitted against the UJC, as you fight to survive the horrors of Callisto.

Contagion Bundle: Discover the ultimate survival horror experience with a new mode, Contagion. With reduced ammo and health drops, a customized difficulty and permadeath – there are no second chances to escape Black Iron Prison or the horrors lurking beneath the surface of Callisto. The Contagion Bundle also includes thirteen new Jacob death animations and the Watchtower Skin Collection.

Riot Bundle: Venture into a previously undiscovered area of Black Iron Prison and battle through waves of brutal enemies. Gather credits to upgrade your weapons, or forge new ones, and survive the onslaught as long as you can in Riot, an all-new mode. The Riot Bundle also includes twelve new enemy death animations and the Engineer Skin Collection.

Story DLC: Dig deeper into the horrifying secrets of The Callisto Protocol.

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