Teamfight Tactics Patch 12.11: Everything You Need to Know

The release of the Dragonlands pass in Teamfight Tactics is here and with it comes an array of champion changes too. Users have said goodbye to Gizmos and Gadgets and welcome the new and improved Dragonlands set.

Amongst the release of Dragonlands and all the new champions and traits, there have also been some champion nerfs a shift in augments, and gameplay aspects.

The lengthy patch notes have been summarised here so you can spend less time reading, and more time winning. Let's Go!

Minor nerfs to Nami, Sylas, and Varus

A micropatch was announced by Stephen "Mortdog" Mortimer who showed the stats that were changing on each of those three champions.

Nami is getting a spell damage hit, which takes a considerable 75 AP off her kit. Sylas is also having a bug fixed which will make him become mana locked when his shield is active.

Varus's attack speed and mana are also hit, not for much, but when you take both of those things into account, you can see the nerf loud and clear.

New champions and traits

51 champions are joining the game with another seven dragons who represent each area of the Dragonlands. Dragons are units that grant triple trait value with super-charged abilities. Due to this, they take up two spaces on the board.

Augment Changes

The draconic augments that come with Dragonlands will replace the Hextech augments. There are 100 new augments coming to the game that summoners can choose from.

Dragon from Teamfight Tactics
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The augment armoury timing is also different in this latest patch too. The augments are now 2-1, 3-2, and 4-2, meaning you won’t have to decide on your first Augment before Stage 1 neutrals finish, and you’ll have an earlier comeback change in Stage 4.

The full detailed patchnotes can be found here.

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