Sorare - How to play Sorare's Global Cup '22

The World Cup is nearly here, and Sorare has revealed a new tournament set to begin alongside proceedings in Qatar.

The Global Cup '22 is a free competition for all players to take part in, and you can even create a league to challenge your mates.

With only common cards being used, Sorare's Global Cup '22 is open to all with no buying or selling.

How to play

The first steps are like any fantasy football, except you must assemble a squad of eight players that will be competing at the World Cup.

You have a budget of 100 points and must select the following:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 2 Defenders
  • 2 Midfielders
  • 2 Forwards

Your squad may contain no more than two players from each nation.

Each matchday you will need to select five players for your lineup, and this must include one player of each position, plus an extra outfield player.

Expand your roster

You have three opportunities to bolster your squad with new cards in between each knockout round.

The dates for expansion are:

  • Before the Last 16: Tuesday, 29 November - Saturday, 3 December
  • Before the Quarter-Finals: Saturday, 3 December - Friday, 9 December
  • Before the Semi-Finals: Friday, 9 December 9 — Sunday, 13 December

Managers may also expand their squads by earning prizes from matchdays.

Global Cup '22 Matchday Calendar

There are seven matchdays to compete in during the Global Cup '22.

sorare global cup '22 matchday calendar
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DON'T MISS OUT - These are the dates you need

The dates for the Matchdays are:

  • Matchday 1: Sunday, 20 November - Thursday, 24 November
  • Matchday 2: Friday, 25 November - Monday, 28 November
  • Matchday 3: Tuesday, 29 November - Friday, 2 December
  • Matchday 4: Saturday, 3 December - Tuesday, 6 December
  • Matchday 5: Friday, 9 December - Monday, 12 December
  • Matchday 6: Tuesday, 13 December - Thursday, 15 December
  • Matchday 7: Saturday, 17 December - Monday, 19 December

Global Cup '22 Prizes

There are plenty of great prizes to win in the Sorare Global Cup '22, including a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Zinedine Zidane.

sorare global cup 22 prizes
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POINTS MEAN PRIZES - There are some great rewards on offer

There are also weekly rewards of Limited Cards, Ethereum, and National Series cards.

The overall prizes include the experience with Zidane, more Ethereum, VIP Tickets, and even a signed jersey.

Can I keep the cards?

From your original selection, no, you will not be able to keep the cards you picked in your squad.

However, any items you win during the tournament will convert to the club card if they have the license.

For example, if you earn Lionel Messi during the competition, his Global Cup card will convert to his PSG Common card.

If no card exists for that player, a player of a similar position and point-scoring history will be assigned to your club.

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