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19 Jun 2020

RealOpinions: Skate 4 is Coming!: EA Play, Release Date, The Future of Skate and More!

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EA Play Announcement

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The Future of Skate

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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Competition

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Release Date

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Current Alternatives

Skate 4 has officially been announced!

Fans have been asking EA for a brand new Skate title for a long time now, and it's finally happening.

Skate 3 released over 10 years ago now, so we can't wait to see what new additions EA has for Skate's next instalment.

Continued reading for our thoughts on the announcement, as well as all the latest news!

EA Play Announcement

Last night, EA announced a plethora of new titles releasing including Sims 4, Dragon Age 4 and Skate 4!

ea play live4

NEW BEGINNINGS - EA has announced a huge range of new titles coming in the next few years!

This has fans excited for the future of EA titles, and the return of some of their favourite games.

Skate 3 has dominated the skating game genre for the last decade. With its consistent player base, fans have always returned to Skate 3 to test new fan-made maps and mods.

With this announcement comes a lot of pressure. EA will need to listen to their fan base to see what is actually wanted by the players.

The Future of Skate

Skate was a huge part of most peoples gaming library, so we hope a new title doesn't spoil this nostalgia.

tony hawk pro skater ps4 remaster min

BEAUTIFUL SCENES - We can expect Skate 4 to look similar to the upcoming THPS remaster!

We hope EA can pull together a newfound realism, and the goofy, absurd feel of Skate 3's huge ramps, tricks and Mega Parks!

To keep players involved, Skate 3 included a campaign, which involved selling Skateboards.

We hope Skate 4 goes a little more in-depth with character narrative and progression as well as focusing on the pure gameplay mechanics.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Competition

We know the Remaster of THPS 1+2 is releasing in September.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 and 2

OLD DOG, NEW TRICKS - Bring back those skills you once learnt and transfer them into this brand new title!

Has EA decided to make Skate 4 to compete with this release? It's unlikely, as development has just started on Skate 4.

Later down the line, these games may have to compete for the top spot, but for now, Pro Skater will be the dominate force for the skating genre.

Release Date

There is no confirmed release date as of yet.

skate 4 concept art

NOSTALGIC BLISS - Is this what Skate 4 will look like? (Amazing concept by Captain Hishiro)

We can expect the game to release on the next-gen consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Some games only take around 3-5 years to develop from the basic idea to a fully fledged product.

This means we may get a release as early as 2023!

Current Alternatives

Currently, there are a few alternatives if you just can't wait.

skater xl ps4 1

SKETCHY TRICKS - Skater XL is a great alternative to Skate, if you can't wait a few more years.

Most players have transitioned over to SkaterXL or Session, two amazing titles that immerse you in their own unique atmospheres.

The controls are slightly different to Skate 3, but once you're used to them, it's a lot of fun to jump back into HUGE mega ramps!