Saints Row: How to Turn off Tutorials

Exploring the Saints Row reboot's massive world of Santo Ileso and getting tired of the game constantly reminding you of how to do every little thing? Then you, my aspiring crime lord need to turn off your tutorials.

The bane of the modern gamer's existence, tutorials have transformed from useful advice when starting a new game to a constant nuisance interrupting the experience for at least the first few hours of any game.

Luckily for Saints Row players, you can escape tutorials' menace completely, letting you just get on with the game. Here's how you do it.

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How to Turn Off Tutorials in Saints Row

How to turn off tutorials in Saints Row
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To the credit of the Saints Row reboot, the way it allows players to alter their experience with tutorials is actually quite intuitive and allows a large variety of players to have an experience better suited to their needs.

There are a total of four settings for tutorials, each providing a different frequency of pop-ups for you to choose from. It will be on the default setting to start with and then you can either increase or decrease the frequency based on your preferences.

The first option is pretty self-explanatory and that's just "off". Selecting this option will just fully switch off the tutorials in the game, making it so you can play the game in complete peace while you figure things out for yourself.

The second option is for the players who want fewer tutorials and more freedom as it lowers the frequency while still providing them on occasion.

The default is how you start as previously mentioned so the final setting is "high" which makes them even more common, something which many may find annoying but can be useful for those who play the game infrequently or are a little more forgetful when it comes to the mechanics.

To access your tutorial options, open the settings menu and search until you find the "tutorial frequency" option. Simply select the option that suits what you need the most and enjoy the game the way you want to.

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