Saints Row 2022: Full Cast & Voice Actors

Saints Row is having a reboot in 2022 after a long hiatus.

The whacky adventure game wouldn't be the same without its variety of whacky characters to match.

The voices, designs, and personalities of these characters are always extreme and eccentric.

So, let's take a look at the voice actors of these wild characters!

Isabella Gates (Izzy) – Saints Row Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle is voiced by none other than the cat, Isabella Gates.

This black and white cat voices the saint named Snickerdoodle and does a great job considering... you know, she's a cat.

Snickerdoodle from Saints Row
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Additionally, an interview with the Saints Row voice actor showed her cute side as she answered questions with enthusiastic meows and subtitles.

Eugene Byrd – Eli

Eli is the entrepreneur of the new Saints in the game.

Saints Row Eli
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His moralities are skewed, but his money-making? It's of another world.

Eugene has done some great voice acting for triple-A titles in the past such as COD, Battlefield, Scarface, and more.

Greg Chun – Saints Row Kevin

Greg Chun is the voice of Kevin, a music lover who has some great connections in every industry. He is the guy to know.

Saints Row Kevin
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Greg has had some great roles, one of his best includes his role in Squid Game, and also Ike in Super Smash Bros. And of course, his new role in Saints Row.

Jeannie Tirado – Neenah

Jeannie voices Neenah, the getaway driver for all of the saints in Saints Row.

Her past work includes DOOM Eternal, Resident Evil Village, and other triple-A titles.

Saints Row Neenah
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She is one of two female voice actors in the game which is a great step for some more diverse Saints in the game.

Let's hope to see this continue in other games released in the future.

Boss voice selection

Additionally, the player has a selection of 8 voices for their own character.

These are voiced by...

  • Adam Gold – Boss Voice 7
  • Antony Del Rio – Boss Voice 5
  • Bryce Charles – Boss Voice 4
  • Catero Colbert – Boss Voice 3
  • Emily O’Brien – Boss Voice 6
  • Erica Lindbeck – Boss Voice 2
  • Max Mittelman – Boss Voice 1
  • Rachel Butera – Boss Voice 8

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