Richard Lewis Announces Esports Retirement After 17 Years

Richard Lewis is one of the most well-known and loved esports journalists in the esports industry. Fans are saddened to hear that he is whittling down his work to become retired.

Discussion in a stream lead to him telling fans that he was growing apart from the industry due to the frustrations he dealt with. As an investigative journalist, the hard work caught up with him.

With his legacy beginning to come to an end, let's celebrate his career and all that he has done for the industry.

Who is Richard Lewis?

Richard Lewis is a 40-year-old investigative journalist from England. He is known for covering CS:GO and League of Legends amongst other big names in the esports industry.

As an investigative journalist, his key roles are to uncover match fixings, hacks, or cheating in professional areas and has done this for the last seventeen years. Many esports journalists look up to him for his inspirational work ethic.

What are Richard's esports achievements?

The esports journalist has a large CV to wonder at but he is best known for exposing the vent.exe cheat in counter-strike: source. He has also exposed the iBuyer scandal in American counter-strike leagues too.

Richard Lewis being awarded The Esports Award journalist of the year
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He also has official accreditation with several journalist awards being rewarded to him from 2016 through to 2019. The Esports Awards awarded him with Journalist of the Year two times.

Why did Richard retire from esports?

His job entailed being the "hero" of the esports industry. Finding criminals and exposing them was his job and he was damn good at it. Despite his prestige as a journalist, he felt that he didn't do this as well as he could have. Like all superheroes, he was spread too thin.

"Having contributed 17 years… for what? To watch the industry grow into what it is, to see all the cancers that came into the scene metastasize, get worse, run ravage and run slipshod. I used to want to fight to stop them from happening, but I have fought and I have lost. I have failed to do that."

When will he go into retirement?

A particular time was not given in his retirement stream, but in a tweet on his official Twitter page, the journalist stated that he would simply be filtering esports journalism out of his life.

A steady approach instead of a cold turkey approach means that fans around will still be able to access his content until he whittles it down enough to stop.

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