Pro Cycling Manager 2022 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, New Features & more

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Pro Cycling Manager returns, putting you in the hot seat of a race director to take your team to the very top, combining management and real-time racing!

Take part in 260 races and 680 stages, including the 21 official stages of the 2022 Tour de France, as you work your way into the history books.

Count down with us as we prepare for the release of Pro Cycling Manager 2022.

Pro Cycling Manager COUNTDOWN

Take total control of your team in Pro Cycling Manager 2022 and manage scouting, recruitment, sponsor management, training and race strategies to crush all competition.

Pro Cycling Manager 2022 Countdown

With plenty of new features, added realism and an improved interface, this could just be the best cycling game yet!

Release Date

Pro Cycling Manager 2022 is set for release on Thursday, 9 June, alongside Tour de France 2022.

The game will land at approximately 3am ET / 8am BST on the day of release.

It will be available on PC only, and you can find it in the Steam store here.


WATCH the official announcement trailer for Pro Cycling Manager 2022 below:

New Features

There are plenty of new features arriving this year, so check them out below:

  • New Talent Scouting System - You can now choose the territory you wish to send your scouts to, and they will send you regular information to help you learn about the riders.
  • New Generation of Cyclists - A new six-star rating system has been introduced as young cyclists can now emerge from 16 years old.
  • Improved Interface - A new cyclist page has been added to give you a detailed overview of their skills, results, and statistics. This is added to a completely re-designed and ergonomic interface.
  • Cyclist Development System - For more realism, all riders recruited must now be integrated into the team for optimal development of their talent.
Pro Cycling Manager 2022
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MAKE YOUR MOVE - Dynamic opponents will create more varied gameplay
  • More Dynamic Opponents - The pelotons in Pro Cycling Manager 2022 have more varied behaviours, breaking with the familiar patterns of previous editions. Players can see their favourite riders take the lead from the start and watch multiple breakaways from the very first hour of the race.
  • 70 Teams Available - Players can become the sports directors of top teams such as Team Jumbo-Visma, B&B Hotels-KTM and Groupama-FDJ.
  • Stamina and Resistance Update - These scores now have a bigger effect on how effort is exerted during a race. This allows some riders to attack several times or manage their effort at the end of the race better.
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