Prime Gaming Reveals March 2023 Rewards - games, rewards, and more

Prime Gaming March 2023

Prime Gaming March 2023

Prime Gaming regularly offers its members free content and rewards for players all around.

This could be free games to download, free content in games and even more.

There are even some special events that players can get involved with for a variety of games.

Prime has also now revealed the full calendar for releases and new content so players know what to expect for this month.

There are definitely some great benefits to utilising Prime Gaming.

So, here is all the content for March 2023 and what players should expect to see from Prime Gaming.

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Prime Gaming March 2023 Overview

With so much content to offer from Prime Gaming, here is what we should expect to see this month.

  • In-game content for some of your favourite Riot Games titles, including League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and VALORANT.
  • Exclusive content for PUBG Mobile, Madden NFL 23, Dead by Daylight and more!
  • The March Games with Prime lineup features seven titles, including Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, Adios, I am Fish, Faraway 3: Arctic Escape, Book of Demons, Peaky Blinders: Mastermind and City Legends: Trapping in Mirror – Collector’s Edition.
  • Now through March 2, Prime members can claim the fourth Genshin Impact drop, Prime Bundle #4. Prime Gaming members who claim at least four of the eight Genshin Impact drops available through Prime Gaming will receive the Prime-exclusive Wings of the Starlit Feast.
  • For an overview of the Games with Prime offerings for Amazon Prime members, be sure to watch the latest sizzle reel here.

Amazon Prime members can claim these offers for a limited time at

For information on this month’s lineup, as well as the latest and greatest Prime Gaming news, visit and check out this month’s blog post here.

Prime Gaming Exclusive Genshin Impact Drop, Wings of the Starlight Feast

Prime Gaming revealed that the Wings of the Starlit Feast is the special Genshin Impact exclusive ninth drop available to Prime members: a stylized wind glider and a gift that celebrates a festival witnessed in a distant world.

As a reminder, fans who claim four of the eight Genshin Impact content drops available from December 2022 through May 2023 will become eligible to receive the Prime Gaming-exclusive drop. 

Now through March 2, Prime members can claim the fourth drop to enrich their adventures within Genshin Impact.

Players can claim the remaining four drops as they become available at the Prime Gaming page here.

If at least four drops are claimed, players will find the Wings of the Starlit Feast delivered to their Genshin Impact in-game mailbox within the first two weeks of June. 

Riot Games Titles Prime Gaming Perks

This month, Prime members can claim various offers for some of your favorite Riot games, including League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and VALORANT.

  • League of Legends - Until March 16, Prime members can claim the latest Prime Gaming Capsule, including 350 RP, 5 Mythic Essence, a 1350 RP skin and more in the competitive and fast paced video game.
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift - Prime members can make an extra impact on the map by claiming a Random Bauble Chest to mark the spot of slain enemies through March 18. 
  • Legends of Runeterra - In this digital collectible card game, Prime members can claim the Rare Prismatic Chest and Epic Card until March 16. 
  • VALORANT - Until March 23, VALORANT players can claim the Doomscrolling spray in this free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter.

Be sure to claim available offers while they last, and keep an eye out for even more in the coming months from Prime Gaming and Riot Games!

Games Included This Month

  • March 2 Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition – Jump into a story-driven ‘90s RPG set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.
  • March 9 Adios – Take on the role of a pig farmer in rural Kansas who no longer wants to dispose of bodies for the mob, discussing complicated decisions as he and his would-be killer decide his fate.
  • March 9 I am Fish – Experience the charming, physics-based adventure, starring four intrepid fish friends, forcibly separated from their home in a pet shop fish tank. Swim, fly, roll and chomp your way to the open ocean in a bid for freedom and to reunite friends once again. 
  • March 16 Faraway 3: Arctic Escape – Escape to all-new distant places that are full of mind-bending puzzles with new and exciting arctic locations to navigate. 
  • March 23 Book of Demons – Wield magic cards instead of weapons to slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral, as you attempt to save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself.
  • March 23 Peaky Blinders: Mastermind – Based on the multi-award-winning TV show, become the Mastermind of this puzzle-adventure game as players control key characters and pull off perfectly synchronized plans.
  • March 30 City Legends: Trapping in Mirror – Collector’s Edition – Write the perfect supernatural novel and face danger by solving puzzles and looking for hidden objects in human and ghostly worlds to survive encounters with a vengeful ghost. 

March 2023 Calendar

Now Available Claim Space Crew: Legendary Edition, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator and Tunche [February FGWPs]

Now Available Candy Crush Saga - 50 Gold Bars, 2 Color Bombs, 1 Striped and Wrapped, 1 Lucky Candy, 1 Coconut Wheel, 1 Jelly Fish, 1 Lollipop Hammer, 1 Switch, 1 30-min Color Bomb, 1 30-min Stripped and Wrapped

Now Available Candy Crush Soda Saga - 2 Color Bomb, 24-hour Striped Candy, 24-hour Wrapped Candy, 2 Double Fish, 2 Coloring Candy, 24-hour Unlimited Lives

Now Available Dead by Daylight - 100 Rift Fragments

Now Available Divine Knockout - Confetti Knockout FX and A Contest of Strength Profile Card

Now Available Fall Guys - Merry Mastodon Bundle

Now Available Farm Heroes Saga - 20 Gold Bars, 24-Hours Unlimited Lives, 1 Shovel

Now Available FIFA 23 - Prime Gaming Pack

Now Available Grand Theft Auto Online - GTA$125K

Now Available KartRider Rush+ - Prime Gaming Racer Pack

Now Available League of Legends - Prime Gaming Capsule

Now Available League of Legends: Wild Rift - Random Bauble Chest

Now Available Legends of Runeterra - Rare Prismatic Chest, Epic Card

Now Available Madden 23 - Super Bowl Ultimate Team Pack

Now Available New World - The Dragon's Hoard

Now Available PALADINS - Steel-Forged Barik Skin

Now Available PUBG Mobile - Street Cred Set

Now Available Rainbow Six Siege - 7 Day Renown Boosters

Now Available Realm Royale - Twilight Huntress Hunter Skin

Now Available Red Dead Online - Buckley Hat Tint 1, Rivera Hooded Tunic Tint 3, Howl Emote, 5 Gold Bars

Now Available Rogue Company - Kyoto Undercover Ronin Outfit

Now Available SMITE - Magic: The Gathering Cosmetic Bundle

Now Available Valorant - Doomscrolling spray

Now Available Warframe - Kudzon Ephemera Cosmetic

March 1 Last Chance to Claim The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition

March 1 Genshin Impact - Prime Bundle

March 2 Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition [FGWP]

March 2 Grand Theft Auto Online - GTA$125K

March 2 Raid: Shadow Legends - 6 Savage Artifacts

March 7 Last Chance to Claim Onsen Master

March 7 Lost Ark - Magick Society Special Dye Chest

March 8 KartRider Rush+ - Prime Gaming Racer Pack

March 8 PUBG Mobile - Extreme Climber Set

March 9 Adios [FGWP]

March 9 Grand Theft Auto Online - GTA$125K

March 9 I am Fish [FGWP]

March 14 Last Chance to Claim Aerial_Knight's Never Yield and DKO: Divine Knockout

March 16 Faraway 3: Arctic Escape [FGWP]

March 21 Last Chance to Claim BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad and One Hand Clapping

March 23 Book of Demons [FGWP]

March 23 Peaky Blinders: Mastermind [FGWP]

March 30 City Legends: Trapping in Mirror – Collector’s Edition [FGWP]

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