Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - how to evolve Charcadet into Armarouge

How to get an Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

How to get an Armarouge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, have many exciting new Pokemon joining the massive roster of creatures to catch.

One of the most popular and cool Pokemon found in generation nine, however, has to be the new fire and psychic type cannon-knight by the name of Armarouge.

Much like its ghostly counterpart Ceruledge, Armarouge can be a little tricky to get your hands on though so we made a quick guide to help you get through the process a little quicker.

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Step 1 - Choosing The Right Game

Choosing Pokemon Violet is a necessary part of getting a Ceruledge
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If you're looking to get your hands on Armarouge, you first need to check if you have the correct game for the job.

Armarouge is the Scarlet-exclusive evolution for Charcadet, meaning that if you only have a copy of Pokemon Violet, the only way you'll get your hands on an Armarouge is by trading with another player who has one spare.

Step 2 - Catch a Charcadet

Catching a Charcadet should be the first step on your journey to getting a Ceruledge
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Now that you've confirmed whether or not you can get Armarouge, you'll first need to get your hands on its pre-evolved form, known as Charcadet.

This small and fragile fire type can be quite a rare find but one of the earliest locations you can get him is amongst the rocky landscape of the South Province (Area Three) directly East of the main city of Mesgoza.

Charcadet can be found at this point East of Mesgoza
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Here you can come across a level 14 Charcadet guaranteed, letting you capture one and add it to your team fairly early in the game. Despite finding one this early, we don't recommend adding it to your team with the intention of using it as Charcadet is very frail, with poor defence. Keeping it in the party to level up in the background for a more powerful Armarouge is the right path forward.

If you have the time, getting yourself a Charcadet with a special attack-increasing nature is your best course of action here, benefitting Armarouge's power.

Step 3 - Get 10 Bronzor Fragments

Finding Bronzor in Pokemon Scarlet is essential for getting your hands on Armarouge
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To get the item needed for Armarouge, you're going to need to collect 10 Bronzor fragments and luckily for you, the generation four native is very common in Paldea along with its evolution Bronzong.

You can find Bronzor in multiple locations across all of the Paldea region but the most common areas are surrounding ruins in the East Province (Area Two), South Province (Area Two) and West Province (Area One) and (Area Two).

Either catching or defeating the Bronzor will get you the crafting components. Finding yourself a mass outbreak will allow you to quickly make your collection grow.

Step 4 - Trading in Zapapico

Find this person on the Eastern side of Zapapico to get an item for Ceruledge
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Once you have gotten your 10 Bronzor Fragments, fly (or walk) back to the Eastern side of Zapapico and look for an NPC standing in front of a fountain. When you approach them, they will ask you for a trade.

Approach them and accept the trade to receive the Auspicious Armor and then use the newly acquired item on your Charcadet to get yourself an Armarouge for your squad.

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