Pokemon Go Bravest Bird: Everything you need to know

There's a new Community Day ticketed event on the way to Pokemon Go and it's all about the game's Bravest Bird.

March's Community Day is right around the corner and offers PoGO trainers a chance to hunt and catch a featured Pokemon together.

Despite the pandemic, Niantic is throwing together another Pokemon Go Community Day event and this one is all about the Bravest Bird in Pokemon: Fletchling!

Here's everything you need to know...

When Is The Event

The next Pokemon Go Community Day event actually takes place tomorrow!

This means that between 11:00 and 17:00 local time on March 6th, 2021, players will have quite a few more chances to catch a Shiny Fletchling for the first time.

During this event, even if you haven't got a ticket, there are some free gifts for you!

Every player should get 3x EXP, which can be doubled with a Lucky Egg, and a three-hour Incense duration to help them out during this event.

Ticket Price

Like any other ticketed event that has popped up for Pokemon Go, the Bravest Bird Community Day event is going to cost you a little bit.

Straight to the Top Machop and Stop and Smell the Roselia both had tickets priced at $0.99 USD (or your local currency's equivalent) and this event will be the same.

Pokemon Go Bravest Bird Community Day Event Fletchling
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BRAVEST BIRD - Fletchling is the featured Pokemon for this event

Although the event is a lot easier to complete during the Community Day duration discussed above, the tasks that it comes with will be available after.

So, don't worry too much if you don't have the whole day to play! You can also get back to it after the Community Day event is over.

Research Challenges

Niantic hasn't disclosed what the Research Challenges will be for the upcoming Bravest Bird event in Pokemon Go, but we can look at past events for an insight into what to expect.

Things like "Catch x amount Fletchling", "Power Up x amount Fletchling", and "Transfer x amount Pokemon" all seem like they will be challenges that will appear.

This also means that we can estimate what rewards we should get from completing these Research Challenges.

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Things like Fletchling Candy, Rare Candies, Stardust and Pokeballs are all part of the standard array of rewards Niantic offers during these events.

Special Move

During this Pokemon Go Community Day Bravest Bird event, you can even get some special moves for your Fletchling!

If you evolve Fletchling into Fletchinder and then again into Talonflame during the event, you'll get yourself a special move for your new fire-flying type.

Pokemon Go Community Day event Bravest Bird Talonflame
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INCINERATE - Talonflame is a Pokemon well worth having in your line-up

Incinerate is a quick Fire-type move that deals about 29 damage at its' base power and generates 20 energy. It can be great against Bug, Steel, Grass, AND Ice type pokemon so well-worth having in your arsenal.

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