OSRS Trailblazer League: End Date, Regions, Relics, The Inferno, Tasks, League Points & more

The OSRS Trailblazer League has brought some new flair to Runescape gameplay!

The Trailblazer League is the second temporary league in OSRS history, and brings some brand new features to the game.

Let's go over all of the details around the league, and how you can get started.

Start Date and End Date

The OSRS Traiblazer League is the second temporary league in OSRS, which means your characters will only last so long.

The Traiblazer League kicked off on 28 October, but don't think you're too far behind to start now! The league will run to 6 January.


The OSRS Trailblazer League is divided into 9 regions.

OSRS Trailblazer League regions map
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CHOOSE YOUR PATH: You'll only be able to unlock 3 regions in OSRS per character

This includes Asgarnia, Fremennik Provinces, Kandarin, Karamja, Kharidian Desert, Misthalin, Morytania, Tirannwn, and Wilderness.

Players in the Trailblazer League will only be able to unlock 3 regions for their character. This creates some very difficult decisions when it comes to loot, resources, tasks, and more.

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Will you choose the Kharidian Desert for Ancients? Will you combine Asgarnia and Kandarin to unlock Piety?

OSRS Traiblazer Kharidian Desert
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STUDY UP: Knowing what your regions offer before you unlock them is key

It's these questions that make the Trailblazer League so exciting.

Thankfully along with your 3 regions, players also unlock Karamja by default.


The Traiblazer League challenges players to complete tasks in order to unlock Relics and stack up League Points.

OSRS Trailblazer League
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PLANT YOUR FLAG: There's still plenty of time to make your mark on the Traiblazer League

There are 962 tasks in total for the Trailblazer League, ranging from Easy to Master difficulty and spanning all 9 regions.

Most tasks require a specific skill level, which means players will have to vary their skillset to get as many League Points as possible. These are region-specific, however, so you'll be limited by which areas you choose to unlock.

The Inferno

While players will target different tasks over the course of the Trailblazer League, one challenge all players will hope to complete is the Inferno.

OSRS Traiblazer League The Inferno skill cape
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THE FINAL TEST: The Inferno will be the last test for many Trailblazer League players

The Inferno is a massively challenging minigame that puts players to the test. Many will attempt the Inferno, and very few will succeed to secure its massively sought-after skill cape.

If the Inferno is your end-game goal for the Trailblazer League, you'll likely have to plan out your regional choices to pull it off.

League Points

League Points are the overlapping reward system for achieving things in the Trailblazer League.

These are unlocked by completing Tasks, and eventually allow players to purchase additional Relics.

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With players being region-limited, there are only so many tasks available to earn these League Points. That means you'll have to be strategic in how you spend them.


Relics are passive buffs to your character that can effect things like drop rates, XP boosts, gathering rates, combat, and more.

There are many massively important Relics in the OSRS Traiblazer League that can entirely reshape how you play your character.

OSRS Trailblazer Relics
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GET TO WORK: Unlocking Relics is done by getting enough League Points to unlock Tiers

To unlock Relics, you must complete tasks for League Points.

You choose Relics by Tier, which gives you 3 decisions each tier along with an automatic passive benefit unlocked at each tier.

Relic choices are permanent, so be careful when you pick.

Gameplay Trailer

The OSRS Trailblazer League kicked off with fantastic hype trailer!

You can watch the trailer in full below:

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