Where to buy a Nvidia RTX 3080 GPU

A lot of focus gets put on the next-generation of the consoles, specifically the PS5, but PC gamers have had just as tough of a time as console players when it comes to grabbing new hardware.

Since their launch, the RTX 30 series, and AMD's RX 6000 series, has been virtually impossible to get hold of, with just a handful of units going on sale at any one time.

Eventually, stock levels should even out and they should become more accessible, but until they do we can try our best to help you grab a brand new RTX card.

3080 Stock Update

Since the RTX 30 series launched in late 2020, the stock has been virtually non-existent, with even new launches of cards, such as the 3060 and 3060ti, selling out in minutes and then becoming hard to find.

This is largely due to scalpers buying them in large quantities to sell online, buyers are regularly paying 50%+ more than the retail price to buy these cards online.

New graphics cards to trickle into the market every day but it is usually a single figure amount of cards, not enough to keep up with demand.

This is in part due to demand but also a shortage in silicon that is needed to produce the cards, as well as many other products such as electronics in vehicles.

Where To Buy An RTX 3080

Well, right now you pretty much can't buy one.

Stock does trickle into the market on an almost daily basis, but it is that small that unless you're extremely lucky you won't get one.

I ended up spending a week glued to my phone for stock updates trying to get a 3080 and ended up settling for a 3070, it's still a nice card but I'm always on the hunt for a 3080 without paying a stupid amount of money, there's no way I'm paying £1500 for a 3080 when the RRP is £650-800, thankfully I got my 3070 FE for £469 in February 2021 so it is possible.

Even if stock was available right now, by the time I finish writing this they will likely be gone, nevermind by the time you find this article.

So instead I will be listing many of the trusted retailers (there are a lot of scam sites out there cashing in), as well as some key social media accounts to follow for stock updates so you can try and grab the latest RTX card.

Who To Buy From

Here is a list of many of the trusted retailers that will receive stock for the card.

Who To Follow

Here is a list of stock alert accounts on Twitter as well as Discord servers to join.


Discord Servers

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