No Man's Sky Outlaws ANNOUNCED and out now

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No Man's Sky has had a pretty incredible turnaround over the last five years. Constantly pushing out new updates, there are so many places the future of the game could go. Luckily, a brand new update just launched. Here's what we know about it.

No Man's Sky Outlaws Announced

Today, a brand new No Man's Sky update named Outlaws came out. In it, you can become a pirate, teaming up with your friends and plundering the world. You can watch the brand new trailer for yourself right here.

It takes the player through a handful of planets, showing off some of the new things you can expect to see. This is likely just the start of where the game is planning on going.

As this is coming off the back of years of updates, it should only get bigger with time. Hello Games have proven over the last half a decade that they are willing to put in the work to make the best game they possibly can. Slowly and surely, they are getting there.

What's in No Man's Sky Outlaws

No Man's Sky Outlaws has tonnes of new features, like:

  • Solar Ships - a new starship class with procedurally generated variations and new tech
  • Outlaw Stations - new systems controlled by outlaws with brand new items, missions and more
  • Rebalance of Space Combat - changing the flow and speed of combat to feel more organic and to work alongside more ships at one time. There is also improved in-atmosphere combat
  • New Destruction Effects - designed to compliment that pirate lifestyle
  • Frigate Fleets - flying across the sky. They may hold some secrets and gear
  • Smuggling - the ability to hide and transport contraband for a profit
  • Cargo Hold - that can be attached to your ship for a better carry weight
  • Squadrons - a more advanced squading system, allowing you to recruit roaming pilots. You can then train and upgrade your wingmen to be more efficient in combat
  • Bigger Fleets - including space for up to nine starships
  • Cloth Physics - allowing a more realistic look at the world alongside new capes and hoods
  • Combat Autopilot - Allowing you to lock on to enemies and maintain fire while you focus on other things
  • Plans for a new expedition
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