*BREAKING* New Pokemon Snap Release Date Confirmed In New Trailer

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Fans rejoiced last year when they found out a new Pokemon Snap game was coming.

The original game on the N64 still remains a beloved game for Pokemon Masters around the world.

Release Date Confirmed

Out of nowhere a new trailer for New Pokemon Snap was released, giving players a greater look at what to expect from the game, and more importantly the release date.

It has now been confirmed that New Pokemon Snap will be released on April 30th.

New But Familiar

In the trailer we see the main character get into a similar vehicle to Bill, from the original game, and set off on their adventure to capture cute pictures of wild Pokemon.

It also appears we can choose between male and female which has become standard in Pokemon games.

Various Pokemon across most generations were revealed, including all three starters from the most recent Pokemon Sword and Shield, as well as familiar faces such as Pichu.

Gameplay wise it seems like it will be very similar to the 1999 original, but modernized and improved upon.

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New Pokemon Snap will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

The 3DS has now been discontinued and we don't really see many, if any, games released for the platform now as the Nintendo Switch appeals to both the home and handheld market.


In the trailer it was also confirmed that pre-orders for the game begin today, Thursday January 14th.

The price for the game will be £49.99 for both the digital version on the Nintendo Eshop, and on Nintendo's online store.

New Pokemon Snap Nintendo Switch Eshop Price
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