Mass Effect Pinnacle Station DLC Not Coming With Legendary Edition

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted that there is one major thing missing from Mass Effect Legendary Edition and it's the Pinnacle Station DLC.

The Mass Effect Trilogy remaster contains all three games, over 40 DLCs, and countless visual and performance enhancements.

However, you might be wondering why there is one particular bit of DLC missing from the otherwise-complete package...

Pinnacle Station DLC

The Mass Effect Pinnacle Station DLC was first released in 2009 as the second content pack for the original title.

Mass Effect Pinnacle Station DLC Legendary Edition
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TRAINING - The Pinnacle Station DLC provided new training scenarios for the player to explore

Essentially, it took Shephard and the Normandy Crew to a top-secret space station to undergo some exciting new combat scenario training routines.

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The Pinnacle Station DLC came with three assignments, a new location, 13 combat scenarios and is reported to have lasted around 3 hours.


According to the development team, the Pinnacle Station DLC source code was corrupted.

This originally meant that it did not ship to PlayStation 3 versions of Mass Effect, however, it was included in the PC version of the Mass Effect Trilogy 2021 release.

Even on the Xbox 360, there were bugs reported that would render the DLC useless if the previous content pack was installed.

When approaching the development of the Legendary Edition, Bioware reached out to Demiurge Studios to "try again".

Unfortunately, according to Bioware, the back-up that Demiurge Studios provided was also corrupted and ultimately broken.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pinnacle Station ME1
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UPGRADES - All three Mass Effect games have received a visual overhaul

Mac Walters, the current Game Director, spoke to Game Informer about the issue. Here's what he said:

" It would basically take us another full six months just to do this with most of the team we've got... We wish we could do it... Leaving it on the cutting-room floor... Was heartbreaking."

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As a culmination of everything BioWare has worked on towards the Mass Effect trilogy, you can understand why leaving this piece of DLC out was saddening.

Thankfully, it isn't the most vital piece of Mass Effect content and many fans will agree that it is not a game-breaking absence.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is scheduled to launch May 14th on Steam, Origin, Playstation consoles, and Xbox consoles.

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