How to upgrade to Next-Gen Versions of Avengers

Today, the next-gen versions of Marvel's Avengers launched, bringing Hawkeye to the game alongside significantly better graphics.

If you bought and played the game when it launched last year, and want to try it out again, you can now upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Here's how to do exactly that.

Upgrade PS4 to PS5 Avengers

Disc Upgrade

If you own the disc version of Avengers on PS4, insert it into your PS5 and your console will realise that an upgrade is available.

On the game's screen on your PS5 main menu, you'll see a "Free PS5 Upgrade" option on the right hand side of the "Play" option.

You'll then be able to download it, making sure it's the PS5 version and you can cancel any PS4 version download that you system has attempted to download.

Then, any time you insert the PS4 disc of Avengers, you'll be able to play the PS5 version.

Digital Upgrade

If you already own the digital version, it's all a little easier.

Head to the Marvel's Avengers page on the PlayStation Store and select the "Free PS5 Upgrade" option.

Then, all you need to do is download it, making sure you've got the right version.

upgrade to next-gen versions Marvel's Avengers
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It's Trickier on PlayStation

Upgrade to Xbox Series X Avengers

If you're playing on Xbox and want to upgrade to the Series X version, it's easier than on PlayStation.

If you own the disc version, an upgrade download will be automatically initiated once you put the disc into your console. You'll find the download under "My Games & Apps."

If you own the digital version of Avengers already, you should find the upgraded version of it under "Ready to Install" in your "My Games & Apps" section of your profile.

It's all pretty easy if you're an Xbox player.

Be sure to stick with us for more on any updates that come to Marvel's Avengers following its release.

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