League of Legends Wild Rift Legendary Queue: Ranks, Requirements, and More

Riot Games have just announced their updated queue system in League of Legends Wild Rift. They will add another queue for the best players called the Legendary Solo Queue.

So, like in League of Legends, Riot is separating casual and pro players to improve the quality of life for all. Also, the new queue will include different ranks.

Do you think what it takes to join the new queue? Read on for the requirements needed to join the elite players.

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Legendary queue ranks in Wild Rift

The new ranked system in the queue will have all newly named ranks too. Each rank will have a tier system of five to one apart from Legend which is a solo rank.

The ranks are:

  • Warrior VI-I
  • Commander VI-I
  • Guardian VI-I
  • Vanquisher VI-I
  • Immortal VI-I
  • Legend

Players who reach the Legend rank will also receive a special global ranking on the overall leaderboard. Additionally, players will have a separate matchmaking rating (MMR) in the queue. To clarify, this means the player's MMR in the casual queue will not affect their legendary queue.

Diamond rank in Wild Rift
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Players in the legendary queue will also only ever be put against players one large rank above or below them. Definitely, a much better way to excel with a smaller amount of players.

Wild Rift Requirements

For a player to enter the legendary queue, they must be in diamond or higher. Of course, this means a large amount of game time must be put in to climb to such a high rank.

Wild Rift Ranked Logo
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This time means that those in this queue will be pros playing or at least serious enough to want to be the best. Above all, this is what separates casual players from pro players.

The queue will only be a solo queue which means that those in the queue cannot pair up and join a game.

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