"Expectations Will be Blown Away" say KO City Devs

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EA and Velan Studios have unveiled a new multiplayer team-based dodgeball-inspired game called Knockout City!

The game recently featured at State of Play, and looks amazing as it nears launch day.

We spoke with Velan Studio, the minds behind the game, on what players can expect from this action-packed release.

Here's what we learned.

Latest - Knockout City Features at PlayStation's State of Play

One of the first games shown off at the first State of Play of 2021 was Knockout City!

Knockout City State of Play
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BELLE OF THE BALL: Knockout City may have stolen the show at State of Play

It demonstrated some gameplay clips, trailers, and spoke to the open beta period that's coming soon!

You can learn more about all of this below in our big interview with Velan Studios.

Knockout City is All Action

Knockout City captures all of the chaotic action of dodgeball and ups things to be even more fast-paced.

"Knockout City is a game where you and a team or crew, band together to settle your scores against rival crews in epic dodgeball battles.

It’s an action multiplayer that is frenetic and is always moving and exciting to play and watch, and exciting whether you are winning or losing," said Velan Studios Marketing Manager Josh Harrison.

You can see Knockout City gameplay in the Official Reveal Trailer below:

This makes it the perfect party game, but there's plenty more to it than that.


Players will get the chance to take a look at Knockout City thanks to many upcoming betas! The next beta will be crossplay, so you'll be able to try it out on console after last week's PC only beta.

Knockout City Gameplay Beta
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PERILOUS: You'll have to risk it all in Knockout City

"People may not know what to expect and what we know from making this game for years, and having people get early access to it for the first time is that when you play it, your expectations are exceeded or blown away," said Velan Studios General Manager David Nathanielsz.

To register for the Knockout City closed beta, sign up via Origin or Steam - and for console players, register at KnockoutCity.com!

Seasonal Content, Game Modes, Playlists

Knockout City will have a seasonal system, and drop plenty of content post-launch for free including new game modes and more!

Knockout City Cosmetics Gameplay Release Date
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LOOKS KILL: Cosmetics are big in Knockout City

"Those seasons are going to have new cosmetics as you would expect, but also new content, and new maps, and new ball types and new playlists. Team KO plays very different from Diamond Dash which is very different from Ball up Brawl so there will be a lot of new ways to play," said Harrison.

On launch, players can enjoy 3v3, 4v4, and free-for-all quick matches in Street Play or take their skills to a more challenging world in Ranked Play. That means whether you're a more casual player or want to push the pace, you'll have options for either.

Release Date, Platforms

Knockout City will launch on 21 May for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (on Origin and Steam).

Knockout City Maps Locations
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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: More maps will come with each new season in Knockout City

It will also be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X, though no next gen version is being developed.


Knockout City will be $19.99, and will have no post-launch fees for seasonal content including new game modes, playlists, cosmetics, and plenty more.

That makes it the perfect game to pick up for friends as a nice surprise (only to take them apart in-game as foes, or carry them as teammates!)

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