Is Metal: Hellsinger Coming to PlayStation Plus?

As we build up to its full release, Metal: Hellsinger is getting gamers across the globe to tap their toes both in anticipation of its arrival and its devilishly good soundtrack.

For those of us wanting to play the game on our PlayStation consoles, however, there is one question on all of our minds. Can we get the game through our PS Plus subscriptions? Here's what we know so far.

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Will Metal: Hellsinger Be On PS Plus?

Will PS Plus Subscribers get Metal: Hellsinger
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Unfortunately for gamers hoping to get access to Metal: Hellsinger at launch through their PS Plus subscription, there, unfortunately, seems to be no plans for the game to be coming to the service any time soon.

Due to its mid-month launch, the essential tier is off-limits as that is made available at the start of every month with the September games already being made available.

For the essential tier, it's also unlikely unfortunately with the only game to be added to the extra tier catalogue at launch being the Annapurna game known as Stray.

This is because PS Plus has decided not to go down the route of Day One releases, unlike Xbox Game Pass which has embraced them, using them as one of the main drivers for subscription growth.

This doesn't mean that Metal: Hellsinger will never come to PS Plus. There is still a strong possibility that somewhere down the line, the game will be brought to the service and added either as a monthly essential game or simply added to the catalogue for extra subscribers down the road.

Until that day sadly, the only way to get your hands on Metal: Hellsinger on your PlayStation is to purchase the game for yourself when it comes out or to wait for it to go on sale at a later date.

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