Is Gotham Knights Coming to PlayStation Plus?

With the release of Gotham Knights quickly approaching us, many of us are looking forward to taking to the streets and fighting criminals as some of our favourite Batman characters.

With the game being a co-op experience, many gamers want to know if they will be able to play the game through their PlayStation Plus subscription, letting them join their friends in the action. Here's what we know.

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Will Gotham Knights Be On PlayStation Plus?

Will Gotham Knights be available on PlayStation Plus?
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No. Gotham Knights will not be available via PlayStation Plus at launch.

The main reason for this comes down to how PlayStation Plus has decided to deal with new releases going forward. The decision was made to not have day one releases onto the PlayStation Plus platform, with Sony deciding that it was necessary for their business strategy.

This means that to play Gotham Knights on your PlayStation at launch, you're going to have to purchase it at full price.

This doesn't mean that Gotham Knights will never make its way over to PlayStation Plus, however. There is still a strong possibility that somewhere down the line, Gotham Knights will either be added to the games catalogue for PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers or even given away as one of the monthly free games on the essential tier.

All four of the Arkham games, including Arkham Origins, are currently available through the various PlayStation Plus tiers, meaning that Sony at least has a good relationship with the people who would need to make this happen. It's just not likely to happen for quite some time unless any last-minute changes spawn out of nowhere.

Until then, look forward to punching your way through the streets of Gotham with a friend when the game releases by purchasing a copy for yourself. If you're extra excited, there are even collector's editions available for purchase.

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