Immortals Fenyx Rising meets Blood of Zeus in this Epic Crossover

Video games are no stranger to crossovers, especially where movies and TV shows are involved.

Ubisoft and Netflix have found what might be one of the most perfect limited-time collaborations ever.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Crossover Event

As of today, Immortals Fenyx Rising players can check out a special limited-time quest themed around the Netflix original animated series Blood of Zeus.

Starting today through January 28, players can tackle the quest "A Tribute to Family," which will lead them on a dangerous quests to eliminate both the Cerberus and Chimera.

Players who successfully complete the quest will receive additional character customization options based on Blood of Zeus.

There's also an Eagle pendant that will be added to the game's inventory.

There are also character and weapon packs available to purchase.

The weapon pack comes with Blood of Zeus sword, axe, and bow skins.

The character pack comes with special themed armor, helmet, mount, wings, and a phoenix, themed after the Amazonian warrior Alexia in Blood of Zeus.

Both packs will continue to be available for purchase after the crossover quest period comes to an end.

What do Immortals Fenyx Rising and Blood of Zeus have in common?

Despite Immortals Fenyx Rising being a video game and Blood of Zeus an animated series on Netflix, the two share a common setting: Ancient Greece.

Immortals Fenyx Rising follows a young Greek shield bearer named Fenyx who's tasked with rescuing the Olympian gods from the nefarious Typhon.

Blood of Zeus follows the demigod son of Zeus, Heron, who's caught in a struggle between Olympus and Earth that turns mega-violent.

Immortals Fenyx Rising and Blood of Zeus look strikingly different.
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Immortals Fenyx Rising and Blood of Zeus look strikingly different.

The pair are similar in that they both feature a swath of Greek gods and goddesses as well as landscapes that characters must traverse.

Though their attitudes are completely different, with Immortals Fenyx Rising on the more humorous side, they both explore a common theme.

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Both properties went through a name change as well.

Originally, Immortals Fenyx Rising went by "Gods & Monsters."

Similarly, Blood of Zeus was known as "Gods & Heroes."

Immortals Fenyx Rising and Blood of Zeus quest

The new crossover quest will be available until January 28.

It's free for anyone with a copy of Immortals Fenyx Rising, though the additional content packs (weapons and characters) will need to be purchased separately.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch, and Stadia.

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