Imaqtpie and Shiphtur Have Both Been Denied Access to Champion Queue

Two seasoned professional League of Legends players have called quits on the game. Imaqtpie and Shiphtur are the two professionals in question. Despite grinding to challenger, the pair have been denied to access the champion queue.

The players were in the correct ELO to be accepted for the queue but were still denied and fans are not happy. There are various other ex-professionals who also do not have access to the queue.

This reaction from Riot has led to the pair not wanting to play League of Legends anymore. They are both climbing the ranks of Valorant which can be seen on Imaqtpie and Shiphtur's Twitch accounts.

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Doublelift's Podcast "Trash Talk" with Shiphtur

Champions Queue is an initiative launched earlier this year, creating a queue for a select group of amateur and professional players to compete in an exclusive low-ping queue at certain times of the week.

DoubleLift is another former League of Legends professional who left the scene to become a content creator and streamer. He has been running his own podcast since the beginning of the year and uploads these to his official YouTube account.

Still from the Trash Talks Podcast
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In his seventh episode, he spoke to Shiphtur about his and Imaqtpie's recent denial. He stated that

"Mine and QT’s apps got declined, and then we just went to go play Valorant."

despite them grinding to reach challenger for months. Their rank meant that their ELO was high enough to make the queue but they were still denied.

Doublelift agreed with their fans that this is unfair treatment. He stated that players who were former pros should be able to access the queue, especially as they have both competed in LCS.

Imaqtpie and other denied Streamers

Tyler1 and Voyboy are two other professional players who have not been able to enter the queue, but due to Tyler's constant bans and restrictions, it makes sense that he would be denied.

Tyler1 Screaming
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Despite fans and professionals to the restriction, the two will not be able to play in the queue. Arguably, Riot has lost a lot of extra players from this, due to the number of fans that each has.

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