How to get to Flayer Jungle in Diablo 2: Resurrected

If you're enjoying Diablo 2: Resurrected for the first time then you may run into an issue that has plagued many players over the years. Finding the Flayer Jungle and, by association, the Gidbinn, has stumped many a wanderer.

Here's how you can find the Flayer Jungle in Diablo 2: Resurrected...

Flayer Jungle Location in Diablo 2

The Flayer Jungle plays a fairly big role in Act 3 of Diablo 2. You'll need it for the Blade of the Old Religion and Khalim's Will quests. There are two areas that will typically feed into the Flayer Jungle. Both the Spider Forest and Great Marsh can be used to reach it. In rare circumstances, Lower Kursat may also feed into the area.

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Given that Diablo 2's map layout is procedural, there is no set method to reach the area. As it is a key area, there are just set feeder areas like those mentioned above which give you an indication of how close you are.

The Flayer Jungle sits at level 22 so make sure you don't head in too under-leveled or you won't last long. If playing on Nightmare mode it's level 50 and on Hell mode, it's level 80.

The Gidbinn

The Gidbinn dagger can be found within the Flayer Jungle in Diablo 2: Resurrected. It's not a powerful weapon by any means but is a required quest item for Blade of the Old Religion. It can be found on an altar-like podium somewhere within the Flayer Jungle.

When you find the dagger, you must return it to Ormus to complete the quest. Once the quest is complete you can then speak to Asheara who will offer you an Iron Wolf mercenary as a follower, free of charge. Finally, if you speak to Ormus again ofter the quest is complete, he should reward you further with a Rare ring.

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