How to Invite Friends in Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hood: Outlaws and Legends has just released and with it comes many questions. Things like "How does cross-play work?" or "Can I play it single player?" might cross your mind, but the most important question to ask is "How do I play this with my friends?"

Luckily, if you're here because you read the title, we have you covered.

The Preamble

If you've just booted it up and can't join your friends yet, there's a reason why this is happening. As a way of teaching you how to play and how each character works, there's a short tutorial when you first log in.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends
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This will have you play as all the characters and have you win one round against an AI opponent. Not only is this a good way of learning the mode, but it also helps to familiarise yourself with the characters. Get this finished.

How to Invite Friends

Now that's done, inviting your friends is actually very simple. Go to your hideout after the match and make sure any objectives or after match celebrations happen.

Then just go into the start menu and look down to the bottom right-hand corner. It should give you a button or key prompt to start inviting friends.

The only issue with this is it takes your friends list on the device as your only way of inviting people.

This means, if you're on PlayStation, you can only invite friends on PlayStation that have the game. There does appear to be some form of cross-party invite through Microsoft accounts on PC and Xbox, but most crossplay is very limited.

Even if you can't invite them, you may get matched against friends online randomly which shows that crossplay is active among platforms even if they can't party up. Perhaps this is a service we'll see updated in the future.

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