Golf Gang REVIEW: The Ultimate Hole-In-One

The last few years have seen the rise of the Golf Racer in gaming, with Golf Gang the latest - and maybe just the greatest - entry in the genre yet.

The brand new title from Curve Games promises a host of individual and collaborative experiences, with its multiplayer mode acting as the flagship.

Everyone loves a round of Crazy Golf with their mates, but has Golf Gang finally managed to bring that experience to your PC?

Crazy Golf

Golf Gang may just seem like another golfing game, but the differences become apparent when Curve Games' main innovation takes centre stage: giving players the ability to hit the ball in mid-air.

With a shot counter that takes a few seconds to recharge after each hit, Golf Gang challenges you to be accurate with your shots and quick with your reactions.

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BEAT THE CLOCK - The pressure is still on when you're playing alone

Battling over a number of courses, Golf Gang offers both a multiplayer and single-player experience.

A game that truly is easy to play but very difficult to master, Golf Gang provides a varied experience that is full of both charm and mayhem.

Whilst you may be tempted to jump straight and battle your mates from the very beginning, it may be wise to take things easy and get to grips with the mechanics before things start getting competitive.

Hit the Green

As well as offering a vast multiplayer experience, Golf Gang is also a game that provides varied challenges offline.

Each of the three sub-sections offered within Golf Gang's single-player mode provides a unique challenge.

Whether it's testing your skills against the clock or simply enabling you to relax and find your form, Golf Gang is a game that still shines when played without mates.

Time Trials

Whilst it may come as no surprise given its name, the Time Trials section pits you against the clock as you aim to complete the course in the fastest time possible.

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ACROSS THE WORLD - Golf Gang's varied courses offer unique challenges

Not worrying about strokes, the time trials section is all about speed, and you'll only get extra motivation when you see your mates are still above you on the overall leaderboard.

Classic Golf

A more relaxed experience for those that are getting to grips with the game, Classic Golf is like cruising down a stream, as opposed to crashing down the rapids.

With no time limit, no stroke limit, and no pressure to be on top, the classic golf section is the bread and butter of Golf Gang, allowing you to take in the surroundings without fearing for your own - or your golf ball's - life.

Golf Gang

The Golf Gang single-player mode combines all the crazy features of online play.

The aim is to get the ball in the hole using the least amount of strokes, in the shortest amount of time possible.

These added pressures created a challenging, yet exciting experience that sees you call on the golfing Gods in order to top the leaderboard.

Multiplayer Madness

Golf Gang's multiplayer is where the game shines.

With the ability to knock the ball in mid-air and frustrate your opponents by nudging them off the course, Golf Gang's multiplayer will provide hours of fun for you and your mates.

Facing off on a number of different courses, you will encounter unique challenges along the way.

Whether it's a nasty water trap that will knock you off course or being quick on your mouse as you recharge your shot count mid-air, Golf Gang is an ever-changing experience with unique courses and a real feel-good factor.

Golf Gang offers you the ability to play in private or public lobbies, meaning you will be able to shut out that one friend that keeps beating you on every course.

Like most things in like, Golf Gang is a game that is best experienced with friends, and the fast-paced, frantic nature of this golfing racer is sure to bring your 'gang' hours of joy.

Your Ball, Your Way

Like any good game, Golf Gang offers you a multitude of customisation options.

You can edit the colour and appearance of your golf ball; change the eyes, colour, facial hair (yes you read that right), and even decide if your ball should be donning a top hat during play.

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CHOOSE YOUR STYLE - You can make your Golf ball whatever you want it to be in Golf Gang

These customisation options add to the playful nature of the game, with Golf Gang truly inviting you to be as creative and whacky as possible.

Just like specific courses in the game, there will be certain customisation options that will need to be unlocked in the game using an in-game currency, but don't fear, this hefty wodge of golfing cash is easy to accumulate after a few rounds on the green.

Verdict: The Ultimate Online Golfing Experience

Golf Gang provides an incredibly enjoyable multiplayer experience, with the hours played soon racking up.

Taking the green with friends and racing them to the flag is where this game shines, with the single-player mode sometimes feeling void of that same pace and thrill.

The vast array of courses and customisation options means that Golf Gang seldom feels stale or repetitive, with freshness within certain unlockables enough to keep you coming back for more.

Offering countless hours of fun - and being accessible to players at all levels - we think Golf Gang is a must-have game amongst your group of friends.

RealSport Rating - 4 out of 5

We reviewed Golf Gang on PC with codes provided by the developer.

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