Ghost Recon Frontline: Release Date, Anniversary Stream, Gameplay & more

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Ubisoft celebrated two decades of Ghost Recon and announcing a brand new game, Ghost Recon Frontline!

Here is everything we know so far about the next chapter of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series.

Ubisoft Livestream

Ubisoft broadcasted a livestream to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon on their YouTube Channel, going over the history of the massive series.

The stream recapped previous editions and gave the official announcement of its next step, Ghost Recon Frontline!

PC players can register now for the closed test version.

Release Date

We do not have any information regarding the release date for Ghost Recon Frontline yet. However, Ubisoft Bucharest announced that a test version will be available on October 14th, 2021!

Ghost Recon Frontline

So it's official, Ubisoft is releasing a new game called Ghost Recon Frontline, designed by Ubisoft Bucharest.

The games is a multiplayer with different strategic cooperative modes, based on modern warfare. The games will introduce units with different classes, special abilities, and loadouts, alll playing a different tactical role.


The game is a unique PvP experience, offering tactical action and rewarding creativity across builds.

There will be Character Progression, through which players can level up their equipment and weapons. Contractors on the other hand will be generated from a pool of different nationalities and military tactics.

The map, contractor, and modes will be constantly updated in a seasonal system, which will bring Ghost Recon to the Competitive Arena.

During the official announcement, developers revealed gameplay details for their flagship mode: Expedition

  • Players will join squads of 3 members for a PvP battle.
  • The map will include more than 100 players battling simultaneously.
  • The main goal is to acquire Intel and get to the point of extraction.
  • Squads will be able to intercept opponents, steal the intel and make use of it for themselves.
  • The Battleground is an Island called Drakemore, a valley with rocky mountains and different environments.

With this official announcement, we can expect to receive more news for this exciting new Ghost Recon game in the near future.

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