Gfinity Elite Series: Nordavind claim Street Fighter V season three title with big win over Fnatic

(Photo credit: Joe Brady)

Nordavind made light work of Fnatic in the Street Fighter V in the Gfinity Elite Series final. The Norwegian outfit picked up a 4-1 win at the Gfinity Arena in London, claiming the £25,000 prize, as star player Phenom went unbeaten for the entire campaign. 

Fnatic may have felt hard done-by to lose in the final, with a number of match-ups going down to the wire. Nordavind weren’t to be denied, however, and coming off the back of three consecutive 4-0 victories, they were always the favourites coming into the final. 

Fine margins

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(Photo credit: Joe Brady)

Nordavind got off to an early start with an amazing show from Phenom, who uses Necalli, making short work of French ace Akainu who was playing as Guile.Zera (Akuma) pulled one back for Fnatic against Momi (Cammy), but Nordavind’s Saltykid (R. Mika) pulled off an incredible comeback against Fnatic’s leader Shakz (Laura).

Zera and Momi then met again, and this time Momi picked up the win in a nervous final round, giving Nordavind a 3-1 advantage and just one match win from taking the Elite Series title.Finally, a runback between Phenom and Akainu was far closer than the first time, but Phenom just squeezed out the win, remaining unbeaten for the entire season, and grabbing the final victory for Nordavind 4-1.

Phenom said: “The last eight weeks have been so much fun and a real learning curve for all of us at Nordavind. We have gone up against some of the world’s best Street Fighter players and we have grown professionally and as a team, so this really is the best feeling ever to have won.”

SFV pundits walk the walk

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(Photo credit: Joe Brady)

As a warm up the final, the analysts and casters of Street Fighter V at the Gfinity Elite Series got the chance to show their ability on the stage at the Arena. 

Team F Word met Team Logan as F Word first took on Shoryusengan. Playing as Akuma, Shoryusengan defeated F Word’s Ibuki comfortably, but it was a closer contest in game 2 between Damascus and Jammerz. Jammerz put Team Logan 2-0 up after he picked up the narrow win with R. Mika against Damascus as Ibuki.

Tyrant, playing as Kolin, then got his side on the scoresheet with a win over Logan, who was using Ken. Jammerz returned to face Tyrant this time, but Tyrant pulled of a stunning comeback in the final round to take the score to 2-2.

F Word then continue his team’s win streak, defeating Shoryusengan, to take a 3-2 overall win in the battle of the pundits. 

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