Genshin Impact: best builds for starting characters and new players, tips & tricks, and more!

With only four characters playable from the start, it is important to master these to the best of your abilities in Genshin Impact.

One such way is by setting yourself up for success with the best builds possible.

Let’s jump into the best builds that we’ve found for Traveler, Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa!

Genshin first characters
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DECISION TIME: you will start the game with 4 different playable characters


Traveler, unlike the other characters, can change elements (all four possess a normal attack, elemental skill and elemental burst).

Starting as an Anemo character, you will soon be able to switch to a Geo build.

Anemo Build (Damage/Support)

Our first recommendation is the Viridescent Venerer artifact, providing a damage bonus for both Anemo and Swirl. Instructor is a close second, increasing elemental mastery for yourself and your teammates.

Genshin traveler
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GETTING STARTED: You will first be introduced to Traveler

This is a mixed build as you won’t be looking to specialise just yet. Instead, switch between melee attacks and elemental skills, as such dealing damage and support along the way.

Iron Sting is a good weapon, increasing all damage upon dealing elemental damage.

Geo Build (Area Control)

Firstly, we recommend the Gambler artifact, resetting elemental skill cooldown and dealing increased elemental damage.

A geo Traveler can also utilise significant are control, as such allowing a Traveler to lift themselves, teammates and enemies up. This is a disruptive build, so use wisely!


Amber is a ranged character, who does pyro damage.

genshin amber
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NEW FACES: Amber has your fire-related needs covered

She is by no means the most useful ranged character, or Pyro, however, she makes a great early addition to the team!

Sharpshooter Build (DPS)

It’s lucky you’re on PC (if you are…), as Amber requires an element of aiming skill from the player.

Be sure to aim for the weak spot on an enemy, as this will lead to increased damage.

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A number of items are useful on an Amber DPS build.

We recommend the Prototype Crescent bow (or the Sharpshooter’s Oath) and Wanderer’s Troupe as an artifact, which increases charged attack damage and elemental damage.

Pyro Build (Support)

As a Pyro Support, the best strategy is to use Amber as an AoE character.

This will enable you to control an amount of space in the area, before allowing you to change character.

It goes without saying that the Lavawalker artifact will be incredibly useful here, increasing damage to burned enemies.


With the ability to freeze enemy attacks, as such interrupting them, Kaeya is a difficult character to master.

genshin kaeya
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ICE ICE BABY: Kaeya's elemental allows him to freeze enemies

However, he can be extremely useful in the wet, so let’s jump into some builds for him.

Freezing Build (Support)

With Kaeya’s freezing ability being the main selling point, the Sacrificial Sword makes a great weapon for him. You could potentially be able to immediately freeze your opponent again.

Instructor is once again a good artifact, as it enhances Kaeya’s elemental power and enables him to further support teammates.

Knockback Build (DPS)

If you go for this build, it’s important to remember that Kaeya can do nice early game damage by getting 5 consecutive hits.

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As such, try to prioritise attack damage increases. A good artifact to that end would be Gladiator’s Finale.

In order to make Kaeya more useful against multiple enemies, try using The Flute. This four-star weapon deals increased damage on the fifth hit which damages nearby enemies.


Another ranged character, Lisa specialises in Electro damage. With all of her attacks featuring Electro, it is important to focus on her elemental power.

Genshin lisa 1
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TIME TO GET PLUGGED IN: Lisa is an Electro character

Lisa is capable of devastating AoE damage, which makes her incredibly useful as a starting character.

Electro Damage Build (AoE)

Lisa’s Elemental skill and Elemental burst can do a lot of damage to nearby enemies.

It is a good idea to focus on increasing her burst’s damage, so equipping the Blackcliff Amulet is a good start.

If you have it, then the Thundering Fury artifact is perfect for Lisa. If not, Gambler will do just fine!

Full Mondstadt (Support)

This build, as you can see, is designed especially for teams with Mondstadt characters.

The Wine and Song catalyst is good to equip as it increases attack and speed for all teammates from the city!

To help the support element of the build, we recommend the Noblesse Oblige.

Where can I play Genshin Impact?

The game is available on PS4, android, iOS and PC, for free.

The game is a bit of a behemoth, so make sure your hardware of choice is up to the task.

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