FM 16 Serie A Wonderkids: Best XI

Serie A Wonderkids best XI. We've already given you Europe's best wonderkids, but understandably, it can be hard to decipher which one's are the best to buy. Not all wonderkids live up to their potential, so, for every league, we've come up with a starting XI of the best wonderkids for you to sign. If you're thinking of starting a new game save, check our other two guides:

Here's a list of 'wonderkids best XI's' from other leagues:

Lineup = (Donnarumma, Vanheusden, Romagnoli, Rugani, Donsah, Melegoni, Diakhate, Berardi, Capone, Mastour, Dybala)

GK - Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan)

Donnarumma is an absolute must buy, as you only have to pay a £1.6m compensation fee to sign him. He also has 5-star potential, and at 16, has some pretty insane stats too. One of the best bargains you'll find in the entire game.

CB - Zinho Vanheusden (Inter)

Vanheusden is still just 15, so if you gamble now and pay the £550k compensation fee, you could have a nice prospect on your hands in a 3 or 4 seasons time, worth at least £7m if you can manage him correctly.

CB - Alessio Romagnoli (AC Milan)

You might have to wait to sign Romagnoli, as he's just recently moved to AC Milan, but if they continue to struggle, he may seek pastures new at a club competing of trophies, which is where you step in.

CB - Daniele Rugani (Juventus)

Rugani will cost you at least £20m, but played all 38 league game for Empoli in Serie A last year, so has a decent bit of experience under his belt. That £20m+ may seem a lot at first, but if you get 12 good seasons out of him, that's £1.6m a season for one of the game's best centre backs.

CM - Godfred Donsah (Bologna)

Donsah is joining Cagliari on a permanent transfer, but if he does the business there, you could swoop in with an offer he can't refuse and poach him when he's a bit more polished. Definitely a player to keep an eye out for in your game save.

CM - Filippo Melegoni (Atlanta)

Melegoni is another buy-and-stash player who costs next to nothing when you start your game save, but will come in handy later on. If like me you dedicate a few million of each transfer budget (when possible), on deals like this for the future, Melegoni is a great bet here.

CM - Abdou Lahat Diakhate (Fiorentina)

Any player that can be signed for under £1m with 5-star potential is something of a must-buy, but in Diakhate's case, he's still very young (16) and very raw, so give him time. However, when his time does come, you'll have a box-to-box midfield maestro on your hands.

MR - Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo)

Berardi has just signed for Sassuolo, but is the case with Donsah, if you wait for him to ripen up a bit, then poach him, he'll be worth the wait. However unlike Donsah, you will need at least £25m to sign Berardi, so if that's too much of an outlay for one wonderkid, have a look at M'Baye Niang (AC Milan).

ML - Christian Capone (Atlanta)

Capone is another from Atlanta's seemingly large production line of quality talent, and can be signed for as little as £500k. With the potential to become a 4.5-star player, what's £500k now when in 5 years, he could be worth at least £5m, and also, one hell of a player.

AMC - Hachim Mastour (AC Milan)

Mastour won't be the easiest of players to sign, given that he'll probably do well on his loan spell at Malaga, return to AC Milan and see his value skyrocket. He is one of the more riskier signings here, so tread carefully but on the other hand, how many times has your scout written off someone you went on to sign, and turned into legend?

ST - Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

Dybala is FM16 gold, as he's just 21 but already come along as quite the striker, so if you do manage to sign him, you'll have to fork out at least £35m to acquire his services.    

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