FM 16 Bundesliga Wonderkids: Best XI

Bundesliga Wonderkids best XI.

We've already given you Europe's best wonderkids, but understandably, it can be hard to decipher which one's are the best to buy. Not all wonderkids live up to their potential, so, for every league, we've come up with a starting XI of the best wonderkids for you to sign. If you're thinking of starting a new game save, check our other two guides:

Here's a list of 'wonderkids best XI's' from other leagues:

Lineup = (Konigsmann, Jedvaj, Sule, Ginter, Garcia, Hojbjerg, Goretzka, Passlack, Sane, Avdijaj, Pohjanpalo)

GK - Timo Konigsmann (Hannover)

Konigsmann is an interesting buy-and-stash prospect who will set you back around £5 million, and if managed correctly, has the potential to become a 4.5-star rated goalkeeper.

RB - Tin Jedvaj (Leverkusen)

Jedvaj is one of the best young right-backs in the Bundesliga, and is perfectly suited for a mid table team in need of a leader at the back. He may cost you north of £10m, but if he fulfils his 5-star potential, you'll look back at that fee as chumps change.

CB - Niklas Sule (Hoffenheim)

At just 19, Sule already has a good few seasons of Bundesliga experience behind him, and could even snag a place in Germany's Euro 2016 squad. However, you may have to pay a ridiculous amount to sign him, in which case, go for Jonathan Tah (Leverkusen).

CB - Mattias Ginter (Dortmund)

Joining Sule at the heart of Germany's defence in a few years could very well be Dortmund's Ginter, is already at a good enough level to play a key-role in whatever side can afford him. You're looking at a fee of at least £20m, but is just 21, has been capped 5 times by Germany, and already has 4 seasons of Bundesliga experience under his belt.

LB - Ulisses Garcia (Werder Bremen)

Garcia only moved to Bremen this season, so you may have to wait for him to either flop (and sign him on the cheap), or develop into his 4.5-star potential, and spend heavily on him in future. But of all the wonderkids at left-back in the Bundesliga, he is one of the better ones on FM16.   

CM - Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (Bayern Munich)

Hojbjerg has found himself to be way down the pecking order at Bayern Munich this year, so is currently on loan at Schalke. When he returns in 2016/17, he should be ready for the first-team football Bayern can't offer him, which is where you step in with your at-least-£20m transfer kitty and sign him.

CM - Leon Goretzka (Geisenkirchen)

Goretzka is perhaps the best player on this entire list, and may cost of north of £35m to start off with, but as a fellow FM-head myself, I wouldn't suggest him if he wasn't worth the effort, which he is. He becomes one of the best centre midfielders in the game. If you can't afford Goretzka, take a look at Koln's Yannick Gerhardt.  

MR - Felix Passlack (Dortmund)

Passlack is just 17, and can be seen as a younger, better version of Antonio Valencia, in that he can play anywhere along the right side, is fairly quick, and is best used as a right winger. If you want someone closer to being the finished product, take a look at Julian Brandt (Leverkusen).

ML - Leroy Sane (Geisenkirchen)

Remember that thing I said about Schalke's youth players being ridiculously expensive, but also, ridiculously good? Yeah, well that holds true here for Sane, who may set you back more than £20m, but remember, it's all about the long-term gain with wonderkids. A cheaper option here is Christian Pulisic (Dortmund), who costs under £1m.   

ST - Donis Avdijaj (Geinsenkirchen)

You'll remember Avidjaj from FM15 for two reasons. The first is that you usually needed to pay at least £30m to sign him, and the second is that he becomes one of the best strikers on the game in or 4 or 5 seasons. A high-risk/high-reward type of player, who understandably, might not be worth the gamble to some, in which case, go for Joelinton (Hoffenheim).

ST - Joel Pohjanpalo (Leverkusen)

Pohjanpalo is currently biding his time on loan at Dusseldorf in the German Second Division, but burst onto the scene in 2011 with 33 goals in 23 league games, so that's the type of player he could become. He is quite unpolished to begin with, but if you make him as good as his 4.5-star potential suggests he will become, you'll have one deadly striker on your hands.  

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