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01 Apr 2021

Another Final Fantasy Game Is Coming To PS5 Soon

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LATEST - Final Fantasy 14 Is Coming To PS5

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State of Play Announcement?

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PS Plus March 2021?

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Definitive Edition

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn't the only game from the epic series getting a native PS5 release this year. New information has just confirmed that another Final Fantasy title is getting a PS5 release this year.

LATEST - Final Fantasy 14 Is Coming To PS5

Final Fantasy 14 Online's 5.5 Patch is now coinciding with the release of an Open Beta for a PS5 version of the game.

What makes this all-the-more better is that you can actually use your current FF14O character, confirming cross-generational progression.

Final Fantasy 14 Online is going to have Haptic Feedback support, 3D Audio support, "ultra-high" loading speeds and improved framerates on top of support for 4K visuals.

Looks like this could be a good way to pass the time before the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade.

25 February Update - Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Announced

Here's a quick topline view of the new features Square Enix just revealed for this next-gen upgrade to the game released in 2020:

  • Performance/Graphics mode
  • improved loading times
  • Classic difficulty modes
  • Photo Mode
  • New Yuffie episode (available for purchase)
  • PS4 owners of FF7 Remake can get free upgrade to the PS5 version.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is released June 10th later this year.

Original Story - Is a PS5 update for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the way?

Square Enix's Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an updated version of, perhaps, the best Final Fantasy game ever made.

The iconic Cloud Strife teams up with Tifa, Barrett, and more on a quest to take down the villainous megacorporation Shinra from destroying the planet.

It is a tale of heroics and an action-packed adventure everyone should play. Here's everything we know about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake and its arrival on the PS5.

State of Play Announcement?

If rumours are to be believed, we should expect to see the Final Fantasy 7 Remake during tonight's State of Play presentation.

An update titled "Ever Crisis" is apparently in the works and would be a Definitive Edition of the existing game.

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There have been rumours of more Final Fantasy 7 Remake content for a while now, although the Orchestral performance earlier in the month proved to be fruitless.

The notably-accurate leaker Jeff Grubb has also been seen reinforcing the claims that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will appear:

PS Plus March 2021?

With March 2021's PS Plus announcement delayed, everyone is assuming that this is due to the State of Play Presentation.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 Tifa Lockheart
TIFA - Cloud's childhood friend joins him in his latest adventure

It doesn't seem like PlayStation would miss their regularly-scheduled PS Plus announcement, as it happens on the same day at the same time every month, however this month they did.

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With a State of Play presentation so soon after, this has to be the reason why. Many fans believe that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, PS5 or not, will be included in the line-up alongside Kena: Bridge of Spirits and an additional third title for PS4 players.

Definitive Edition

This version of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be available on both PS4 and PS5 and it will introduce a few new features to the existing game on top of new chapters.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 Cloud Sephiroth
CLASH - Defeating Shinra won't be easy, but it'll look good in 4K

Although it should be taken with a grain of salt, a Reddit post from u/MXHombre123 has revealed the following:

  • Performance Mode which targets 60fps with 1440p render resolution and 4K output or Graphics Mode at 30fps with ray tracing at 1440p render resolution and 4K output (PlayStation®5 exclusive)
  • Full DualSense support (PlayStation®5 exclusive)
  • Two brand new chapters: Chapter 8.5 "All Dressed Up" and a mysterious Chapter 19
  • A new boss battle, various new arena battles and a Boss Select Mode
  • Materia Quick Change
  • Photo Mode
  • New set of trophies

With the improved technology of a PS5 at their disposal, the additional graphics modes seem believable.

In addition to this, PS5 games have a separate trophy set to PS4 games even if they are the same title. This and a Photo Mode all seem to add believability to this leak.

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