FIFA 16 Manchester City: Complete Guide For Career Mode

FIFA 16 Manchester City - For those gamers that don’t like playing online, manager mode is their FIFA haven. A place where you can take apart any team you want, and completely construct a new one, however you please. Sometimes though, it helps to have a helping hand in explaining how to best use different teams on Career Mode. So, RealSport have devised a team-by-team guide for anyone looking to start a manager mode on FIFA 16. 

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General Tips


  • Transfer budget - £72m
  • Wage budget – £220k

What the team needs

Who you should get rid of

A general rule here is to sell off players that are old (31+), as on FIFA, their ratings can deteriorate pretty fast, so it’s best to cash in on them while their still valuable. Below is the name of the Manchester City players you should get rid of and the lowest value at which you should sell that player:

  • Samir Nasri - £17 million
  • Fernando - £6 million

Total Received = £23 million

New Budget = £95m

Who you should buy (with the smaller budget)

If you can, aim to sign younger players, as FIFA has this thing for making a majority of all decent young players develop pretty well, even if they don’t in real life. If you can’t sell the 'deadweight' players, the following are those you can sign within your original budget (£72m):

Name: Lucas (82)

Cost:£26m (PSG)

Is he worth it?

  • Lucas hasn’t blossomed quite as he would’ve liked in real life, but on FIFA, he almost always ends up with a rating around 86/87.

Alternative option – Rodrigo - £17m (Valencia)

Name: Alexandre Lacazette (79)

Cost:£44m (Lyon)

Is he worth it?

  • It’s quite a steep price to pay for any player on FIFA, but if you’re someone who opts for a pacy striker, there are few better than the Lyon striker
  • Lacazette is also likely to improve by a few ratings to, leaving you with a 86/87 rated striker in a season or two

Alternative option – Edinson Cavani - £5m (Newcastle)

Who you should buy (with the larger budget)

If you do manage to sell the ‘deadweight’ players listed above, these are the extra players you should think about signing. Each player’s rating is shown in brackets:

Name: Wellington Nem (73)

Cost: £3.3m (Shakhtar Donetsk)

Is he worth it?

  • Nem has quite a low-rating, but if it’s an option of playing Navas or Nem, sign Nem and play him
  • If of course you like to sim your games, maybe don’t sign him, but if you’re playing a majority of games, Nem is a great super-sub

Name: Nolito (82)

Cost: £17m (Celta Vigo)

Is he worth it?

  • The thinking here is you sign Nolito and play him on the left, and switch Sterling to right wing. He’s a tad old but entering his prime.
  • He's a welcome addition to City’s side, and if nothing else, a better sub to have than Jesus Navas.

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