Here Are The Fallout 76 Cryptid Locations

There's a longstanding history of cryptids showing up in Fallout games and Fallout 76 is no different. There's nothing quite like wandering the wasteland and stumbling across a wild Wendigo

Here's all of the Fallout 76 Cryptid locations, track them down at your own peril.

Fallout 76 Cryptid Locations

There are seven Fallout 76 cryptids that we will address and you can find them all in a variety of locations. We'll run through each Fallout 76 cryptid and where you might find them, beware as some are random chance so could take a while to track down.

None of these will be the entire set of locations, but instead the easiest and most likely locations you can encounter them.

Wendigo Locations

The Wendigo is a creature that has popped up all over popular culture in the last decade or so. This Fallout 76 cryptid can be found in more locations than any other on this list.

Identified by it's slender, hunched frame, you'll know one is close when you hear their eerily distinct breathing. Here's where you can find one;

  • Wendigo Cave In Savage Divide
  • Cranberry Bog, drop site C2
  • During the One Violent Night event (named special Wendigo, Nightstalker)
  • South of Abbie's bunker near the abandoned truck
  • Toxic Valley near Willard Corporate Housing.
  • Savage Divide, the Mountainside B&B

Sheepsquatch Locations

The Sheepsquatch Fallout 76 cryptid may have a fun name, but take it for granted and you'll regret it. This hulking cross between a sheep and sasquatch is a very grindy battle if unprepared.

Here's where you can find the Sheepsquatch Fallout 76 cryptid;

  • During the Free Range event, beware, two can spawn during this fight
  • If doing Project Paradise event, one may spawn as the final enemy
  • Near Braxon's Quality Medical Supplies in Mire
  • Southwest of Welch in Ash Heap

Snallygaster Locations

The Snallygaster looks more like a traditional Fallout creature than most, but this Fallout 76 cryptid uses a nasty acid-covered tongue in battle. Despite the creature having no head, it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Here's where you can find the Snallygaster cryptid in Fallout 76;

  • Savage Divide, near Larry's Meat 'n Go
  • Toxic Valley, near the Kiddie Corner
  • Savage Divide at federal disposal field HZ-21
  • Cranberry Bog, near pylon V-13

Mothman Locations

The most iconic of the Fallout 76 cryptid monsters, the Mothman has played a huge role in real world conspiracy and monster hunting.

It definitely exists in Fallout 76 and here's some of the locations where you can find it;

  • During the Queen Of The Hunt quest (at night)
  • They can randomly attack a players C.A.M.P (low chance)
  • Within the Enclave Research Facility

Flatwoods Monster Locations

The Flatwoods Monster Fallout 76 cryptid can be identified by it's glowing purple eyes and tendency to abduct players!

Here's where you can find it;

  • Possible encounter during Queen of the Hunt
  • They can appear on any of the locations on the below map at night
Fallout 76 Flatwood Monster Location
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IF YOU DARE: Head to any of these locations at night to possibly encounter the Flatwood monster

Grafton Monster Locations

Luckily, there are some guaranteed spawns for the Grafton Monster.

Here's where you can find this Fallout 76 cryptid;

  • Always appears near the Charleston Trainyard
  • Always appears near the Charleston Capitol Building.
  • One can be found south of Hemlock Holes
  • During the Grafton Day event

Mega Sloth Locations

Finally we have the, cutest(?) Fallout 76 cryptid, the Mega Sloth.

It can be found at the following locations;

  • Possible final parade attacker during Fasnacht Day
  • Around Mire in places like Tanagra Town, Treetops, KMAX Transmission and Camp Venture
  • East of Watoga Shopping Plaza

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