Evil Dead: The Game How to Unlock Lord Arthur

When it comes to the chaotic horror of Evil Dead: The Game it would be easy to assume that the medieval knights and warriors of Army of Darkness would stick out like a sore thumb.

The out-of-time soldiers manage to fit in without question, however, even when they're driving cars and firing off their nearest boomstick to tear hordes of deadites apart. One of these warriors, Henry the Red, is playable from the start but his arch rival from the movie Lord Arthur is a character the player needs to unlock first. Here's how you do it.

How to Unlock Lord Arthur in Evil Dead: The Game

As is the case for the other unlockable characters in Evil Dead: The Game, Lord Arthur requires the completion of one of the several single-player missions that help players learn the mechanics of the game.

A screenshot of the Evil Dead: The Game mission "Homecoming King" to unlock Lord Arthur
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Lord Arthur's unlock mission is titled "Homecoming King" and is the last mission currently available in the game with the last mission only saying "Coming Soon" for the time being.

The level sees Arthur trying to get back to his own time in what is the longest and most challenging mission in Evil Dead: The Game, with very limited resources and multiple steps to take including two mini-boss fights and two actual boss fights as well as your standard affair of deadite combat.

Lord Arthur walking around the mission "Homecoming King" in Evil Dead: The Game
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Armed with a crossbow and a variety of melee weapons, using the various vehicles and getting in and out of the early stages of the level as quick as possible is recommended, with some exploration around the map beneficial to the long journey ahead.

One you complete the mission, Lord Arthur will become playable in all modes of Evil Dead: The Game.

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