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01 Mar 2021

Is a real Elden Ring gameplay trailer coming this week?

It's been a while since we heard anything about Elden Ring, but is a gameplay trailer on the way from Bandai Namco?

Recently, some leaked footage has surfaced online which looks a little less than impressive. However, could this just be a poorly recorded Elden Ring Trailer?

There are reports one is "making the rounds" and here's everything we know about when we might see it.

Leaked Footage

There are quite a few snippets of supposed Elden Ring footage out there now, but is any of it real?

Below, we have an example of one snippet that shows a player using some magic ability to hit a dragon overhead:

In another clip from an Elden Ring-focused fan account, we see a snippet of footage that clearly shows some sort of "Confidential" watermarking:

Although it all could be legit, a lot of people are questioning its authenticity due to the low quality of what is available.

This has, as these things often do, led to many making jokes and memes about the footage and how it appears decades old.

Is A Real Trailer Coming?

Despite the fact that there is an upcoming Microsoft event and many are speculating Elden Ring will be shown in a little more detail during this, it doesn't seem likely.

To reinforce this, after Microsoft's March 23rd stream was leaked and unveiled, there were rumours that Elden Ring could make an appearance.

Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer Woman Grey Hair Staff
AMBITIOUS - Elden Ring is reportedly the most ambitious game Miyazaki has made yet

Microsoft's Xbox Games Marketing GM Aaron Greenburg quickly took to Twitter to respond to these queries with the statement below:

This wouldn't be the first time an insider has said "no" to something when it, in actuality, is true. However, it does seem as though Greenburg is providing genuine information.

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That being said, the leak could force Bandai Namco to make an announcement if they submit to the questions they are undoubtedly facing.

Industry insiders are suggesting that some form of Elden Ring trailer is making the rounds, but there are doubts that a reveal is coming.

That isn't to say it is impossible, as there appears to be a clear division amongst those supposedly "in the know" with some expecting more information soon.

If Elden Ring is delayed, then an announcement from Bandai Namco seems more likely than a gameplay trailer.

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For the latest though, Elden Ring has it's own Twitter account to keep fans updated officially.

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