DOTA 2 Marci: A new hero is joining the battle for the Ancient

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Suffering from Post-International blues? Valve has decided to alleviate DOTA players releasing the next DOTA 2 hero, Marci, a little early.

Here's what you need to know about the next new DOTA 2 character and her origins.

Release Date

Marci was announced during The International 2021, along with the trailer for the second season of the Animated Series Dragon Blood.

Dragon Blood is the first series based on a MOBA produced by Netflix, with a confirmed Second Season coming on January 2022.

Marci is part of DOTA 2 update 7.30e that includes all the changes after the International 10. The update went live on October 28, 2021.

Marci Abilities Details

Marci is a Melee character that can fulfill the role of Hard Support or Carry, with high Crowd Control and Mobility.


  • Marci grabs an ally or enemy target and throws it effortlessly behind her, damaging and stunning the unit if it is an enemy.
  • Any enemy units in the landing area will also be damaged and stunned.
    • Dispellable: Only strong dispells
    • Throw Distance: 350 / Stun Duration 1.2s - 2.1s
    • Cooldown: 16s - 10s / Mana: 90


  • Vector targeted. Marci bounds to a target unit and sprints. Upon reaching the unit, Marci lunges to her final destination, damaging and slowing enemies in the area.
  • If the unit she runs to is an ally, it receives 35.0% bonus movement speed for 5.0s.
    • Dispellable: Yes
    • Max Jump Distance: 850 / Impact Damage 90 - 300
    • Slow Durantion: 3s / Cooldown: 15s - 9s / Mana : 70 - 100


  • Marci provides a buff to one ally and herself, imbuing both with Lifesteal and extra Attack Damage.
    • Dispellable: Yes
    • Duration: 6s / Lifesteal: 35% - 50%
    • Bonus Damage: 20 - 65 / Cooldown: 36s - 12s / Mana: 45 - 35

Ultimate: Unleash

  • Marci taps a hidden power, gaining Fury charges to deliver a rapid sequence of strikes.
  • The last strike in every Fury combo creates a damaging pulse around the target that slows movement and attack speed for 2.0s.
  • In between Fury combos, Marci is unable to attack for 1.5s.
  • Marci receives a basic dispel when Unleash is cast and gains 15 percent movement speed
    • Damage Type: Magical / Dispellable: No
    • Duration: 18.0 / Strikes Per Fury: 3 - 5
    • Pulse Radius: 800 / Pulse DMG: 80 - 220
    • Movement Slow: 30.0% Pulse Attack Slow: 60 - 100
    • Cooldown: 90.0 - 60.0 - Mana Cost: 100 - 150
Marci’s Talent Tree
Option A
Option B
Level 10 talents
+2 mana regen
+5 armor
Level 15 talents
+250 Rebound cast/jump range
+0.75s Dispose stun duration
Level 20 talents
+30 movement speed
1.75s Sidekick spell immunity
Level 25 talents
+50% Sidekick lifesteal
1.5s Unleash pulse silence

Marci's kit looks very interesting, and her brightest spot will clearly be as a Hard Support. However, her ultimate's long duration and considerable damage also makes her viable as a Carry as well.

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