Disney Lorcana - Everything you need to know about the new TCG


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If you're a fan of Disney or Trading Card Games then great news for you, with Disney Lorcana announced as a new TCG that will smash the two worlds together and battle it out with the likes of Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! for tabletop dominance!

Excitement is already building within the fanbase, with Ravensburger teaming up with the corporation once again to bring their ideas to life in the card game.

Find out all there is to know about Disney Lorcana below!

Release Date

As announced via their official Twitter account, Disney Lorcana will be hitting local game stores on Friday, 18 August, followed by bigger retailers on Friday, 1 September, with the release of The First Chapter set.

It is also reported that Disney Lorcana products will be available at Gen Con 2023, which takes place between Thursday, 3 August and Sunday, 6 August.

The game will be published in English, French and German to start and will launch in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Of course, bigger plans are in place to spread the game to a worldwide audience for both the languages it is published and the countries it will be sold.


We are still waiting on news for what the gameplay will be like, but it will almost certainly have similarities to other big TCGs in terms of mechanics.

The cards seem to have clear indicators for cost, attack, defence and effect, but how this will be implemented is still unknown.

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AWESOME POWER - Maleficent looks to be one of the strongest characters

There is what appears to be an ink drop next to the effect, which could mean you need to have a certain amount of ink tokens on board to activate the effect.

Cards are sorted into Heroes or Villans, as well as falling into Dreamborn or Storyborn categories, and come in six Ink Colours (thought to be like Mana in MTG or Energy in Pokemon).

The six official Ink Colours are as follows:

  • Amber
  • Amethyst
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Steel

We know that decks will consist of sixty cards, but are in the dark on all other gameplay, so can't wait for more details to be revealed!

Cards, Decks, Booster Packs & More

Disney Lorcana will reportedly have four set releases - or Chapters - a year, presumably coming on a quarterly basis.

There are several ways you can start your collection from launch, with the following being rolled out:

Starter Decks

Three preconstructed starter decks will be available from launch, a great jumping-off point for those wanting to learn the game or who are new to TCGs.

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CHOOSE WISELY - Which starter deck will you opt for?

Each will contain 60 cards (with two foil cards of the face characters), 11 game tokens, a rulebook and a booster pack containing 12 randomised cards.

The starter decks are as follows:

  • Amber and Amethyst (Moana and Mickey Mouse)
  • Emerald and Ruby (Cruella de Vil and Aladdin)
  • Steel and Sapphire (Sleeping Beauty/Aurora and Simba)

Booster Packs

Booster packs will contain 12 random cards, with the first release all coming from The First Chapter set.

They will contain cards not found in starter decks, with the breakdown of cards as follows:

  • Six common cards
  • Three uncommon cards
  • Two rare, super rare, or legendary cards
  • One foil card

Gift Set

The gift set for Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter features Mulan - Imperial Soldier and Hades - King of Olympus, and contains:

  • Two oversized foil cards
  • Two playable foil cards
  • 34 game tokens
  • Four booster packs

Illumineer's Trove

If you want to get properly prepared for the new TCG, then the Illumineer's Trove is the release for you, which will provide you with a full-art storage box, deck boxes and a player's guide to Disney Lorcana (a complete visual guide to all The First Chapter cards as well as deckbuilding tips and game strategies).

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The Illumineer's Trove includes:

  • One storage box
  • Two deck boxes
  • Eight booster packs
  • 15 game tokens
  • One player's guide


Other accessories coming for Disney Lorcana include:

  • Card Sleeves - 65 matte-finish sleeves initially featuring Captain Hook, Else and Mickey Mouse
  • Deck Boxes - Holding up to 80 sleeved cards, they will also initially feature Captain Hook, Else and Mickey Mouse
  • Playmats - Protect your cards from damage using a playmat, with the first ones featuring Maleficent, Maui and Mickey Mouse
  • Portfolios - Store your most treasured cards in these binders, which can hold 64 standard cards as well as eight oversized ones, with the first portfolios featuring Stich and The Queen

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