Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Upgrade Your House

disney dreamlight valley upgrade house

disney dreamlight valley upgrade house

One of the best things about Disney Dreamlight Valley is furnishing and designing your own little house! As you may expect, the house to start with is a little on the small side, so, how can you upgrade your house to something bigger and better?

It's not blindingly obvious how you do this early on in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so let us take you through the process of how to upgrade your house so you have more space to work with!

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How to Upgrade Your House in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you're an eager architect like us, you'll want to get access to a larger house as soon as possible but Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn't make it too obvious how exactly you upgrade your house.

disney dreamlight valley scrooge mcduck
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As you may expect, it all starts with Scrooge McDuck who kind of acts as the Tom Nook of your village. To set yourself on the path to a house upgrade, you'll need to start his 'Dreamlight Valley Economy 101' mission.

If you're struggling to find him on the island, just head to his shop where he'll always be kicking about. The hardest part of the quest comes first when you'll have to find and sell seven gems to Goofy at his stand.

Upon completing this, return to Scrooge and he'll take the money you earned as the first downpayment on your house upgrade! From there, he adds an elevator to your house, this is what you use to upgrade the interior of your house.

disney dreamlight valley house upgrade elevator
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What Upgrades Are Available?

There are tons of house upgrades to unlock including expanding rooms to 10 x 10 and adding entire new rooms and floors to your house. Internal upgrades will also start to upgrade the storage you have available in your house.

disney dreamlight valley internal house expansion
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You can also upgrade the exterior of your house. This is done by visiting the Scrooge McDuck sign outside your front door. Each upgrade, internal or external, comes at an increased cost as you would expect.

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