Dead Space Remake - release date & everything we know

Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake

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Dead Space dropped with a bang back in 2008, with a gritty take on the horror genre that changed the game. We finally go back to ground zero after a few instalments in the series, to finally do the original story justice on next-gen hardware.

Now dubbed to release sooner than you might think, the remake will be both a nostalgia trip for long-time fans and a treat for new ones. Here's everything you need to know about the game, and when it will drop for your platform.

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Dead Space Remake Release Date

The Remake of the Horror title will drop on January 27th 2023, for all platforms it plans to come to. Initially set for a 2022 release date, a small delay was announced so the studio could properly deliver on the expectations of fans, and it seems it was well worth the wait.

Dead Space Isaac
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Designed for next-gen hardware and built on a new engine, the game will release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring Dead Space to previous console generations, as the graphics and gameplay would simply not be done justice.

The perks of the new engine for fans is that loading screens have become a thing of the past in the remake. You'll be able to explore the ship to its fullest and encounter any dangers within in a seamless fashion.

Trailer and Gameplay

We've now been treated to a full gameplay trailer of the Dead Space Remake, and like the reveal, it gives little away. It does however give fans a terrifying preview of what's in store.

Don't expect an easy ride in this game, and you won't be disappointed, but we can't guarantee you won't be frightened. The remake will be an expanded version of the original, so expect some of the same elements but vastly more content.

In the original Dead Space, Isaac Clarke was a silent protagonist, something which EA addressed in the sequel, bringing actor Gunner Wright on board. He now returns to voice the out-of-his-depth character in the remake.

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